Kai: Six Months

Half a year, you guys. Woah.

Reading back over Kai’s five month post, it seems so long ago. Like it was so last year or something. Since then we’ve celebrated Christmas and New Years, and we are now settled in for a long winter. Blech. Ok, where to begin. I feel like this kid grows bigger by the day, and he is getting really heavy to carry around now. His six month check up isn’t until Monday, but a couple weeks ago at the doctor he was over 19 lbs and I am quite certain he is at least 20 lbs now. He is solidly in 12 month clothes, having outgrown his nine monthers in length. Let’s do a little comparison.

Chunka monka!!

I also need to show you his thigh rolls. They are amazing.

He has three teeth on the bottom now and one of his top teeth is beginning to poke through as well. Luckily he hasn’t seemed to bothered by teething lately, but he does chew and suck on anything and everything. Which brings me to my next topic, nursing. As in, we’re not doing that anymore. About a week before Christmas, Kai bit me while nursing for the first time. It took me by surprise, and I yelled out, which didn’t seem to bother him at all. At this point he still only had one tooth, but man that was a sharp little bugger. I won’t go into all of the details, but I will say he did not stop doing it, and on Christmas morning we had a rather traumatic experience for both of us, and that was that. I continued to pump for the next couple weeks, so he was getting both breastmilk and formula. I cut down to two pumps a day, then one, and then none. We spent a night away last weekend and I decided I didn’t want to bring the pump with me, so Tuesday of that week ended up being my last pump. He is still getting one breastmilk bottle a day from my freezer stash, which is nearly gone. So while I didn’t make it to my goal of nursing for six months, he has at least gotten some breastmilk for that length of time and I feel totally fine with that now. I did feel a bit guilty at first for “giving up,” but it was the right thing for us to do. Could I have kept pumping? Yes. But the thought of doing that for six more months made me cringe. Kai has never been one to really nurse for comfort, and he loves his bottles. LOVES them. When he sees one being prepared or in the warmer, he gets all excited and starts breathing rapidly, kicking his legs and flailing his arms. It often becomes a serious matter and he needs to have that bottle RIGHTNOW. He likes his bottles warmed up but does not like to wait for that to happen. Once it is ready we sit down on the couch and he opens his mouth and leans toward it like a frantic little baby bird. You would think he is starving or something, like we never feed him (see thigh rolls above). We had to upgrade to the level 2 medium flow nipples, and I am starting to think we could have just skipped straight to level 3.

Kai is also now a pretty big fan of solids, which he now usually gets twice a day. His absolute favorite right now is cereal mixed with applesauce. He would keep eating and eating applesauce until the whole big jar was gone I am fairly certain. He also loves prunes, pears, peaches, and sweet potatoes. So far not a fan of peas, green beans, or butternut squash, but that may have been because he tried all of those when he was tired and crabby. He loves to play with his suction cup highchair toys after he eats while I clean up.

So his eating schedule roughly includes a 6 ounce bottle when he wakes up around 6:30 or 7:00. Then he has some solids about an hour later. We were doing cereal at this time, but since this is his best (least crabby) eating time, I’ve been trying some other fruits or veggies here and saving the cereal for the evening. He has a 7 oz bottle around 10am, and then an 8 oz bottle around 1:30 or 2:00 depending on how long he naps. Another 7 oz around 4:30 or 5:00, and then 7 or 8 oz at bedtime with his cereal either in the afternoon or early evening depending on naps. So he usually averages about 32-36 oz a day (five bottles) plus solids. He gets hungrier as the day goes on and sometimes I can believe how much he can put away within a few hours at night.

Speaking of naps. I am so happy to report that Kai has relinquished his mayoral duties in the city of Catnaps!! He has now been known to take at least one, if not TWO naps that are longer than one hour per day. He still averages three naps a day, but sometimes only takes two. He is still ready for his first nap about 2-2.5 hours after he wakes up, and goes down sometime between 8:30-9am. This is usually his best nap of the day, often lasting an hour and 15 or 20 mins. He goes down for his second nap between 12:00 and 12:30, and this one is often just over an hour as well, though sometimes he wakes after only 35 mins or so. If he takes a third nap, it is usually around 4pm and is a cat nap, but he really needs it to make it to bedtime. On the days when he refuses that third nap, he is in bed for the night by 6-6:30. I don’t like doing that because he then he wakes up by 6am a lot of the time, but there is often no way he can stay up any later. If he takes that third nap he is usually asleep by 7:30, which is perfect. He almost always sleeps through the night for 11-12 hours. I cannot tell you how amazing it is to have him napping for more than 30 mins at a time, so I can get things done like writing this post. Also, he gets really excited when he hears me come in to get him when he wakes up, kicking his feet and smiling while he cuddles with his monkey lovey.

Now on to the sad part of the post. Kai had his first ear infection over new years and it was awful. It started with him coughing a little bit the Sunday before new years. His cough sounded pretty bad, but it didn’t seem to bother him too much, in fact he would cough at night and sleep right through it. He was still coughing by new years eve (wed), so I called the doctor and spoke to the nurse. She asked if he had a fever, and I said I didn’t think so (we never checked because he didn’t feel warm at all). She said to just keep an eye on him and let them know if he developed a fever. Well, we decided to take his temp just to be safe and it was 101.6. I called back and the nurse said I could just give him some Tylenol and keep an eye on him, and their office would be open again on Friday. Looking back, I think that advice was totally wrong, but I didn’t know. First time mom here. That night, he was a little more fussy throughout the night than usual, but it seemed that the Tylenol was helping. New years day he was still coughing and congested, and had a really low grade fever. We continued with the Tylenol, but that night was horrible. Kai was up crying non stop for two hours in the middle of the night, and nothing made him feel better. We fed him, held him, etc and he just cried and cried. Finally after another dose of Tylenol we got him to sleep and he slept though until morning. I called the doctor back and talked to the nurse again, and said I wanted to bring him in. He was crying when I would lay him down for a diaper change and pulling on one of his ears. This was the same nurse, and she told me I could come in that afternoon to see a different doctor, or I could wait until his doctor was available on Monday. Um, no. I took him in that afternoon and sure enough, double ear infection. He got his first dose of antibiotics that night, and that night was the worst. He went to sleep ok, but woke up soon after crying. The only thing I could do was hold him upright on my shoulder in the glider and he would stop crying and immediately fall back to sleep. The second I would go to set him down he would cry, poor guy. I tried taking him into bed with me and laying with him propped up, but he wasn’t having it. I was finally ready to just hold him in the glider all night, but he finally went to sleep. Luckily after only two doses of the antibiotics, he was feeling so much better on Saturday. He slept ok Saturday night, and by Sunday he seemed back to his normal self. Having a sick baby was the absolute worst, and I am hoping and praying he will stay healthy for the rest of the dreadful cold and flu season. Of course Steve and I got sick as well, and I had some oral surgery over new years too, so that was a fun week.

Alright, lets back up for a minute to Christmas. Of course it was so great to celebrate Kai’s first Christamas. I kind of never wanted the holiday season to end. He got to sit on Santa’s lap and as you can see he was thrilled.

Of course he got so many wonderful presents, but his favorite part of all of it was trying to eat the tasty wrapping paper.

We had a blast hanging out with family, and even though he was an overtired mess by the end of it all, I would say it was a great first Christmas indeed.

Kai still loves his saucer/jumper, and he is such a ham in there.

He prefers for you to be in the room with him while he jumps, and will let you know he is not happy if you so much as leave for a few minutes to throw in a load of laundry or God forbid, go to the bathroom. He frequently looks over to make sure are indeed still watching him and his fancy moves before flashing a big cheesy smile.

He can sit up unassisted for short periods of time, and likes to sit on the floor in his boppy pillow and play. He will grab anything and everything within reach and will also put anything and everything in his mouth.

When he is on his tummy, he will reach for things and go up on his knees like he wants to crawl, but he hasn’t quite figured that one out yet. He will concentrate very hard on reaching his toys, and has even figured out that he can pull on the mat to bring the toy closer.

He still won’t roll from tummy to back even though he has shown on multiple occasions that he can. He continues to prefer to whine until you pick him up or flip him back over. Silly boy. Kai enjoys going to kids club at the gym most weekdays after his morning nap. They seem to like him there, because obviously he is the cutest one :)

My favorite duo. I love listening to Steve play with Kai, it just melts my heart. Kai is very vocal now, and likes to yell, babble, shriek and giggle, and it is all too much. He also loves walking around the house in the Bjorn carrier (facing out of course), holding his feet up and taking off his socks during diaper changes (so helpful), and reading stories in the glider. He still has some crabby times, usually only when he is overtired, but overall he is a happy boy most of the time.

I think that’s it from the world’s longest update, though I’m sure there is plenty I am leaving out.

I just love this kid so much I want to eat him whole!





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Kai: 5 months

I’m sure I say this every time, but I cannot believe how fast this past month has flown by. I suppose time flies this time of year (and always), but it’s hard to imagine that our little dude is 5 months old. He is so much fun now, I find myself wishing for time to speed up and slow down all at once.

Little man is growing by the day, and is 19.5 lbs according to my home weigh-in method. He is so tall that he is into some twelve month clothes already. Most of his nine monthers still fit, but he is indeed pushing the length on some of those. I am glad we didn’t stock up on too many nine month outfits, because he truly will be in them for such a short time.

Let’s do a little comparison.

He also requested to do an artistic creative modeling pose, so I obliged.

I can hardly stand how freaking cute he is, and he continues to have the most amazing facial expressions. Hearing him giggle is the best, and he is super ticklish just like his mom. We tickle torture him pretty much daily just to hear him laugh, poor kid. He loves to talk as well, and his conversations range from quiet and composed to yelling and shrieking at the top of his lungs.

Let’s talk sleep, shall we? Well, we hit a bit of a rough patch right after his four month update, in which I reported him waking 0-1 times per night to eat. It started with Thanksgiving, where two late nights led to some extreme over-tiredness and lots of night wake ups. We went back to nursing twice for a few nights, and then Kai got his first cold. He was waking up every hour to every few hours for almost a week straight and I was ready to drown myself in a giant pot of coffee. Luckily once his cold cleared up he started sleeping better once again, but was still waking up at 3am wanting to eat. One night I decided to just let him fuss for 10 mins before responding, and lo and behold, he put himself back to sleep. For the next few nights he continued to wake around 3am, fuss a little, and go back to sleep. Now he sleeps all the way through the night without eating, and has done so for almost two weeks. I really think he was waking up to eat out of habit, and not because he was starving. Lets face it, this kid is not in danger of wasting away. So he usually goes to bed between 7-7:30, sometimes 7:45, and he sleeps until 7ish the next morning. (I know!). Most mornings he will wake on and off between the hours of 5-7 and either babble to himself or practice rolling in his crib, but he will doze back off and I never get him out of his crib before 6:30.

Speaking of rolling, we have a two way roller on our hands! He is still a tummy sleeper, and often practices rolling back onto his back when he wakes up from naps or before he falls asleep. It is really hilarious to watch him on the video monitor with his little butt in the air trying his hardest to right himself. Well, today after he woke up from his nap, he did it. He still hasn’t done it in front of anyone and prefers to cry during tummy time until you flip him back over (easier I suppose), but little does he know we watch him in secret and know he can do it :)

And speaking of naps. I am happy to say that our 30 min naps have now extended to 40-45 mins, and on a few occasions Kai even slept for 90 mins during his morning nap. He almost always goes down for his first nap at 9am, then is ready for a second nap around noon. Depending on timing, his third nap happens sometime between 3-4pm, and he really never takes a fourth nap anymore. We have a new nap (and bedtime) routine where he gets a diaper change, a bottle (only at bedtime), then a story or two. Then we put him in his sleep sack and turn his noise machine on before singing twinkle twinkle and setting him down wide awake. He sometimes fusses for a few minutes, but in general he has become very good at going to sleep on his own.

Now lets talk feeding. I am still nursing, but we have started to supplement with a little bit of formula, usually one bottle a day. I know he takes in more from bottles than when he nurses, especially as the day goes on and my flow slows down, and it was becoming frustrating for both of us during his afternoon nursing sessions. It is very important to me that he eats enough during the day so that he doesn’t need to eat during the night. For a little while I was pumping a few times a day to ensure he got a full bottle, but that became old real fast. So lately I have been nursing him for his first two feedings in the morning, usually around 7-7:30 depending on when he wakes up, and then 10-10:30. Around 1-1:30 he gets 7 oz of formula, and then I nurse him again at 4-4:30. At bedtime he gets 7-8 oz of breastmilk which I pump every night for the next day. I realize that with this schedule my production will adjust and slow down, and that is fine. As we need to, we will replace another feeding with formula and so on. My goal from the beginning was to nurse for six months and then reevaluate, and that is still my plan.

Kai tried his very first solid food on Thanksgiving, when we gave him some avocado mashed up with breastmilk to thin it out. He was very unsure what to make of it, and I’m not sure if he actually swallowed any of it or not. We did avocado for a few days, then tried rice cereal, then rice cereal with banana, then peas, and finally sweet potato. Honestly, he doesn’t seem too interested in any of it. I give it a try every couple of days, but I’m not pushing it since technically the official recommendation is to wait until six months anyway. I think most of the problem is that he hates sitting in his high chair, and we’ve had a little bit more success while feeding him in his bouncy seat. The sweet potatoes were by far the biggest success so far, so I think we’ll stick with those for the next little bit. I have made all of his veggie purees myself and froze them in ice cube trays, so they are ready for him whenever he does decide he is interested.

The weekend after Thanksgiving we made our annual pilgrimage to cut down the perfect Christmas tree, and Kai loved it. I wore him in the Bjorn carrier and he helped pick out our tree, and I have to say he did a mighty fine job.

He loves to look at the tree and the fire, and I love this time of year. I can’t wait to celebrate Christmas this year with our little guy.

My mom dusted off her knitting needles and knitted Kai his very own stocking, and he was pretty stoked about St. Nick delivering a cool toy for him.

Kai loves to grab anything and everything he can get his wet drooley little hands on, including faces, hair, sweatshirt strings, toys, the cat, and pretty much anything else within reach. He is very interested in the cat now, and if she gets near enough he will grab a handful of fur and pull. Oddly enough, she seems to like it and will roll over next to him wanting more pets.

I’m sure once he is bigger and better able to torment her she will change her tune and keep her distance, but for now they are buddies. Kai is still a big drooler and requires a bib at all times, and two days before his five month birthday I discovered that he cut his first tooth. He smacks his jaw with his fists a lot and is constantly chewing on his hands or a toy, but other than that he didn’t seem too bothered by the whole ordeal. He still loves his saucer/jumper, and will jump like a madman in there. It still blows my mind that he knows how to work the toys, spinning and grabbing them like an old pro.

We still spend a lot of time just hanging out on the floor with toys or his activity mat. He is getting pretty close to sitting up on his own as well. He can balance for 5-10 seconds before tipping over, which sometimes I think he does on purpose. He still loves his baths, and I couldn’t resist snapping this shot before his bath the other night.

You guys. His wrinkly baby butt and waist crease. Does it get any better?

We had some family portraits taken last month for our Christmas cards, and this was my favorite shot. He just looks so big and grown up here.

I just love this kid more and more every day, and he is in such a fun stage right now. Looking at his older cousins, I know we are in for it once he is able to move around, so I am trying to enjoy this part while it lasts :)

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Kai: 4 months

Yes, I realize I am 11 days late with this post. I have been having problems uploading photos onto my computer and it is driving me nuts to say the least. I just did a straight upload from my phone to google photos in the interest of getting this written before Kai is 5 months old.

Four months. So short a time in the grand scheme of things, but it seems like our little guy has been with us forever at this point, and it’s hard to imagine what things were like without him in our lives.

Mr. Stubborn had no interest in smiling for his four month shots, even though over all he is now a pretty smiley guy. Let’s get to the stats first. At Kai’s four month check up he weighed in at 17.0 lbs and was 27.25″ tall. That puts him in the 79th percentile for weight and 99th percentile for height. His doc informed me that Mr. Long and Lean is the size of an average 7 month old, which explains how he is pretty much completely out of his 6 month clothes (sniff) and solidly into the nines, and is even pushing the length on some of those. So thankful to have a healthy growing boy. 

Sleep: Kai is still sleeping very well at night overall. Here and there he will have a rough night still, but for the most part he goes to bed sometime between 6-7:30 depending on naps, and wakes up 0-1 times to eat during the night. He almost always wakes for the day around 6:30-6:45am. The big issue now is rolling. Kid LOVES to roll, and has become an almost full time tummy sleeper. The problem is that while he is an old pro at rolling onto his belly, he has not yet figured out how to roll from belly to back. At least once a night he wakes up on his belly and is irritated that he is stuck, and we have to go in and flip him back over which often results in quite the meltdown. We have also had some diaper leaking issues from tummy/side sleeping, so I have picked up some night time disposable diapers to use for now until I figure out a cloth solution (I have a few things on the way).

Naps: Yup, still catnapping during the day. He goes down for his first nap about  two hours after waking up, and sleeps for 30 mins on the dot. His second nap is often in the carseat after falling asleep on the way home from Kids Club at the gym. This one is usually 30 mins as well, although recently there have been a couple of longer ones, which gives me hope that we can make the transition from 4 naps a day to 3. He takes another little nap sometime in the afternoon between 2 and 3pm. Lately it is much harder to get him to take a 4th nap in the 4:00 hour, which has resulted in some super early bed times.

We inherited a jumper/saucer thing from Kai’s cousin Aiva, and he loves it when he is in the mood. He goes nuts in there, whipping the whole contraption from side to side and playing with all of the attachments. He also loves to lay on the floor with me and practice rolling, and even teases me by looking at me, smiling, then rolling to his side the other way, only to come back, look at me and repeat approximately 36 times. He also likes to sit up with some help, and of course walk like a big boy.

Kid is super ticklish like his mom, and we can’t resist tickling him on a constant basis to hear his little laugh. Anything that comes near his mouth needs to go inside asap, and he is still drooling like a maniac.

Kai was baptized earlier this month, and I could not believe how good he was during the whole thing. He didn’t make a peep during the whole church service, and he smiled when the Pastor poured the water over his head. Then again, that shouldn’t come as a surprise since he does love his baths and getting sprayed with warm water from the sink sprayer.

We were given the green light from his doctor to start solid foods, and will probably do so over the next few days/weeks. I plan to make his baby food myself, and we will likely start with some vegetables and perhaps forego the rice cereal for now. He may even get his first tastes on Thanksgiving, we shall see.

Just look at that face. Four months and he is developing quite the little personality. I can’t wait to see my boy grow (but not too fast buddy!) and develop, as he is getting into a stage where he is so much fun.



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Running update

Oh wait, this is supposed to be a running blog? I suppose it is time for another post-pardum running update. I have consistently been running 4-5 days a week, almost 100% with the stroller and my favorite little running buddy.

What, you thought I would do a post without a picture of my little monster? Ha.

I have been trying to time our runs to coincide with Kai’s morning nap, and that has been working out swimmingly. He is usually asleep within 10 mins, and if I am lucky and there are no loud noises (rare – it is the season of leaf blowing and there is always work going on on the homes in the area) he will sleep for a whole hour or more.

I have been able to drop my pace quite a bit since I started. The first few runs I could barely crack an 11 min mile. Now it is very comfortable to hold a 9-9:15 pace for an easy run with the stroller. Sometimes I even dip into the 8:45 range without much extra effort. Speaking of easy pace, that is all I do with the stroller. I figure it’s good base building and I am gaining endurance and keeping my HR lowish. I haven’t worn a HRM at all, I am just going by what feels good. I will also say, pushing the stroller uphill is no joke! My legs burn and I feel like I’m getting a little strength workout as well.

The last weekend in September I ran a 5k for fun. My goal at the time was sub-9 min miles, which was tough for me back then. Well, I ended up running 7:45 pace which was shocking to me. I was pretty stoked about that, given I had done zero speed training and had only been back to running for a few weeks.

Since then, I have just been trucking along with the stroller. I’ve hit the treadmill just a few times, and it was torturous. As the weather gets worse I am going to have to make more use of it, and my workouts will have to change a lot. Given that Kai usually only naps for 30 mins at a time, I will be able to run in short bursts. The only way to make the treadmill tolerable for me is to do some type of speed work, so maybe I’ll be able to focus on faster running for 20 mins at a time. I have yet to try out the day care at the gym because Kai’s napping is all over the place. It is really hard to time out when I would be able to go to the gym between his eating and napping. Hopefully he will learn how to nap longer and his schedule will become a little bit more predictable so I can make use of the gym. Lord knows I need to start doing some strength work too, but I just can’t get motivated to do it at home when there are so many other things to get done.

This past weekend while I was up in Door County, I got to run in my favorite place, Peninsula State Park. I only had time to squeeze in 5 miles on Sunday, but those 5 miles were so great. I took it easy for the first couple miles, and then picked it up at the end, finishing with a 7:40 last mile. That pace used to be no big deal for me, but right now it is a stretch and I couldn’t believe how good it felt.

I have thought a little bit about what I will train for coming up, and I am pretty sure I will end up doing a spring half marathon and a fall marathon. I haven’t run a marathon since Boston 2011, so it’s time. I am planning to put triathlon on the back burner and return to my first love for a while. It will be easier schedule wise especially with Steve training at the same time, and I really want to see what I can do if I focus on one sport.

Update since I first wrote this out: We tried out the Kids Club at the gym today and it was a success! I just did a 4 mile run on the TM to keep it short in case of any problems, but the ladies said he did great and he can come back anytime. It will still be a little hard to squeeze in gym time while Kai is awake and not needing to eat, but we will do what we can. He fell asleep instantly on the way home (it’s a 4 min drive) so he must have played pretty hard in there ;-)

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Kai: 16 weeks

Instead of waiting until the 15th for Kai’s 4 month post, I have a few items to report on right now.

First of all, Mister Man rolled over 5 days after his 3 month birthday! Somehow I managed to capture this milestone on video.

He did it twice in a row like it was no big deal, and now two weeks later he has yet to repeat his feat. He is so close a lot of the time, and he can do it with barely a nudge from me. I am kind of ok with the fact that he hasn’t done it anymore, because once he is over he gets stuck. I see him trying to roll over in his crib on the video monitor, and if he does it in there and gets stuck I imagine he will be less than pleased.

Now we have to talk about this past weekend, when I was gone for two nights on a ladies weekend and Kai was Daddy’s boy all weekend long. I was pretty anxious before I left, not worried that Steve couldn’t handle it or anything, but worried about how Kai would eat, sleep, nap, etc. while I was away. He is used to hanging out with me all day every day for the most part, except when I am with clients.

Friday around 1pm I dropped Kai off with my step-brother, who offered to watch him until Steve got off of work. I brought over two bottles thinking he would only take one, and tried to get him down for a nap before I left. Justin also had his 11 month old to take care of, so I was hoping that Kai would be a little angel for him. Turns out Justin has the touch and got him to nap for 57 minutes. However, Kai refused to take his bottle. I told Justin this might happen because he has been a little stinker about that a couple of other times for my mom and/or Steve. When Steve arrived to pick him up, he tried again with the bottle without success. When Steve got him home though, he finally ate and took another bottle before bed.

I mentioned in my last update that Kai has been sleeping well at night, usually just waking up once to eat. This is the part I was most nervous about with being away, because during those middle of the night wake ups Kai is used to me coming in and immediately feeding him. Well, Steve was going to have to heat a bottle, which was not going to be instant gratification for the little man. So around 3am that first night, Kai woke up crying. Steve threw a bottle in the warmer right away and then went and got Kai. After it was heated, Kai flat out refused to drink it and Steve said it only made him cry harder. He rocked him for a little while but he wouldn’t calm down. Steve changed his diaper in case that was the problem, and then thought that maybe the bottle wasn’t warm enough. He set Kai down in his crib and came out to heat the bottle a little more, and literally one minute later Kai stopped screaming, passed out and slept until morning. When I heard this, I though to myself hmm, maybe it’s a good thing he didn’t eat in the night…

Saturday morning came, and Kai still refused the bottle. Steve started to panic, because now he missed his middle of the night feeding AND wouldn’t eat in the morning. He said he was ready to make the three hour drive to Door County so I could feed him. The other ladies reassured me that when he was hungry enough he would eat, and not to worry. Sure enough, a little bit later he took the bottle. That day Steve took Kai out to his parents house to spend some time with Grammy while he helped with some things around the house. I got a call later that afternoon from Steve asking if we still had any infant Tylenol at home because Kai was showing signs of teething and he was miserable. He was chewing on his hands, refusing to eat, and acting really whiney. When Steve tried to feel his gums he would cry hysterically, and he was gnawing on anything that got near his mouth. I didn’t think that teething happened this early, but I guess it can. He got Kai home, gave him some Tylenol, and 15 mins later he was so much better. He ate and even had some smiles.

I talked to my guys on Facetime to say good night, and hoped that Kai would sleep ok after not feeling well. Sunday morning Steve texted me how many ounces Kai ate for breakfast (yes, I am anal and demanded to know about every bottle so I could keep track of how much he ate) and I asked how he slept. And get this: HE SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR 12 HOURS!! Sorry for yelling, but holy cats, I couldn’t believe it. At first Steve reported that it was 11 hours, but later realized that he forgot to factor in daylight savings time and it was actually 12. So, two nights in a row without eating in the middle of the night. I was really hoping that this would now be a new trend, but I wasn’t holding my breath. I figured that once I was back (with my boobs), he would go back to wanting a night time snack. Well, lo and behold he SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT FOR 11 HOURS on Sunday night, and AGAIN ON MONDAY!! (though this morning he woke up just before 6am which is too early for him, so I did feed him and he eventually fell back to sleep from 7-7:45). You guys, three nights in a row my baby has slept through the entire night. It is glorious. I am afraid to actually publish this post and jinx everything, but I couldn’t not report on this monumental development. I am going to continue to thoroughly enjoy it while it lasts (and hopefully it will last a long time!).

Kai is still a cat napper and can’t seem to get past the 30 min mark in his crib during the day, but he has taken some longer naps when out and about in his stroller/carseat. Just today, he snoozed for almost 3 hours (!!!) between errands to vote, the mall, and he even stayed asleep in his carseat when we got home which hardly ever happens anymore.

Kai had no problem returning to nursing when I got home from the weekend (another fear since traditionally he has loved his bottles). He still gets his big (6-7 oz) bedtime bottle every night which I think is part of the key to him sleeping so long.

Well, after that I guess any more updates will seem anticlimactic. Kai is super strong and still rocks at tummy time. Some of his 6 month clothes are getting to short (but most of them still fit), and 9 monthers are fitting pretty well too. Last I checked he was over 16 lbs, so I’d guess he is probably in the 17 lb range now.

He is still reluctant to smile on camera, but smiles or not, just look at that face. Such a cutie pie!

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Kai’s first Halloween

There was never a question as to what Kai would dress up as for his first Halloween. Over 40 years ago, my grandma made a little devil costume for my Aunt Beth. Since then, all of the new babies in the family have worn the costume on their first Halloween. I was the fourth little devil in 1981.

We figured out the Kai was the 14th baby to wear the little devil, and he was pretty darn cute in it.

The tail!

Side by side:

We got together with family and went to a Halloween parade. Luckily, it was the weekend before Halloween and the weather was beautiful.

My cousin Kelly almost blew away and her little dog too.

We skipped out on the Trick or Treat portion of the evening because I didn’t feel the need to have a bunch of candy sitting around the house, and it was Kai’s bed time. All in all a fun day, and it will be even better next year when our little man can actually go Trick or Treating.

Of course Kai has been sporting his Halloween diaper all month, and he’s been pretty happy about it.

And of course on Halloween itself, we made “Pumpkin Kai.” Heehee.

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Kai: 3 months

Boy oh boy, where to begin. I really should have done an update in between two and three months, because reading back over Kai’s two month post, so much has happened/changed/etc. But here we go. Our little dude is three months old already, and he is pretty awesome. And cute. And challenging. Yes, he is a handful.

First, a couple of comparison shots.


He almost looks chunkier to me in his two month pics, but much more focused and alert at three months. Stubborn little guy does not believe in smiling for the camera. He will be all smiles and grins for me, but the second I put the camera in front of his face he just stops and stares at it like what the heck are you doing you crazy lady? He also really can’t be bothered to stay still ever and is always moving and shaking like he has places to go.

Sleep: Kai is still sleeping well at night almost every night. We even had a couple 10.5 hour straight stretches a few weeks ago, but that has not become the norm. He goes to bed between 7-8pm and gets up between 7-8am and usually wakes once to eat. Pretty good, right? Often he will wake up a few times within the first hour or two and need his pacifier replaced or to be soothed back to sleep, but after that he is usually good to go. He normally wakes up either between 2-2:30 or 4-4:30 to eat, and he goes back to sleep until 7:30ish regardless. Here and there he will have a rough night where he is up more often, and I think it is usually due to tummy troubles. He started really fighting against his swaddle sack a couple weeks ago, so we decided it was time to try to wean him out of it. We started by swaddling him with one arm out, as I was instructed by the internets. The first night was rough getting him to sleep because he kept startling himself awake, but once he was really asleep he stayed asleep. After five nights we tried swaddling him with both arms out. Well, he was not ready for that much freedom. Both arms were flailing all over the place and no sleep was being had. So here we are in the second week of the one arm swaddle. It’s working for now, so we’ll stick with it for the moment.

While night time sleep is going really well, naps are another story completely. If there was a city called Cat Nap, Kai would be the mayor. His average nap time is 20-30 mins, with an occasional 40 min sprinkled in occasionally. He is ready for his first nap about 60-90 mins after he wakes up in the morning. I sometimes try to run with him around that time, but I think that also results in a less than stellar nap. While he used to always take his morning nap in the swing, he isn’t too keen on falling asleep in there anymore, so I have been trying to put him in his crib for all naps when we are home. I really don’t know how to get him to nap longer. We installed a light blocking shade in his room over the weekend which I think helps, but he still cat naps. Side note – don’t cats nap all freaking day?? Mine does, so why do they call it that? All of Kai’s cat napping wouldn’t be a huge deal to me if he was a happy boy when he is awake. As it is, by early afternoon he is overtired and cranky, and that often carries over to the rest of the day and progresses into Mr. Fussy Pants by late afternoon/early evening. I know it is because he is over tired, and all I can do is try to get him to take more naps. He takes 3-4 a day, but they are not long enough to do much good. I really really hope this improves soon and we someday have a well-rested, happy boy during the day.

Nursing: So this has become slightly frustrating over the last week or two for a few reasons. First and foremost, Kai is very demanding when he eats and gets very frustrated if the milk is not coming out fast enough for him. We don’t have problems in the morning or in the middle of the night, but as the day goes on and my flow slows down, he is not happy about it, and will pull at me and continuously pop himself off in protest. What he loves is bottles. We have started giving him a bottle of breast milk before he goes to bed every night so that he is sure to get a full feeding and not go to bed hungry. This means I do have to pump after he goes to bed, but I like that it has become part of his routine, and that Steve and I can now take turns feeding him and putting him to bed. I think that part is good for him.

Just over the past few days he has also started to become distracted by everything while he eats. Sometimes he will seriously pop off every few seconds and just look up and stare at me with his cute little face. Love that we’re bonding and all, but I wish he would just concentrate on the task at hand.

The other problem: I used to pump about an hour after his first feeding in the morning to continue to build up a freezer stash for when I am working or whatever. It got to the point though, where whenever I did that and Kai tried to eat one and a half to two hours later, things were not replenished enough for his liking and we would start an entire day of frustrating nursing sessions (see above). So I am no longer pumping in the morning, which means nothing is going into the freezer because what I pump at night is given to him the following night. Sometimes at night I get a couple extra ounces, but not a lot. Eventually what is in the freezer is going to dwindle, so I’ll have to decide what to do at that point. I am not willing to sacrifice any more sleep to pump in the night after he feeds, which would probably be the best time to do it. I am not really opposed to him having a bottle of formula once and a while if need be, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.


Kai is still growing like a weed, and last time I weighed him at home he was over 16lbs already. He is no longer wearing any 3 month clothes at all, 6 months are fitting him pretty perfectly, and he is already in some 9 month outfits as well. I love bundling him up in his cute cozy fleeces to go for runs in the stroller.

He loves stroller runs now, and will usually just look around at everything for a while before he drifts off for a little cat nap. He will often be awake again by the time we get home, but he no longer fusses, preferring to enjoy the nice scenery instead. Our longest run together so far was 6.7 miles, but our usual route takes us 4 or 5 miles. Our pace has also decreased significantly since we started, and it is now comfortable to average under 9:30 pace on an easy run. I haven’t had many chances to run without the stroller lately, but I imagine it is going to feel pretty good.

My boy is still rocking his one of a kind hair do, and I still can’t get over it’s amazingness. He still loves his baths, and while usually Steve and I both do bath time together, we had our first solo bath experience while Steve was out of town.

Kai rocks at tummy time, lifting his head all the way up with ease.

Another thing he is great at is drooling. Holy cow, kid can drool. I don’t know where it’s all coming from, but he can soak through three bibs a day at least. He loves to eat anything that gets near his mouth including his hands, and I often just give him a washcloth or burp rag and he will go to town on it. This does double duty, as he is occupied with something plus he is wiping his own drool. Win!

The last weekend in September Kai took his first overnight trip to Chicago to visit Uncle Mike and Auntie Omoleye. They recently moved into a new condo with a pretty sweet view from the rooftop deck.

He had fun hanging out with Uncle Mike, though it was pretty tiring.

Lucky boy even got to take a nap on the rooftop.

Kai will still tolerate being worn, but only if he is facing out so he doesn’t miss any of the action.

He is still the king of amazing facial expressions, even if is stingy with his on camera smiles.

Please note the belly and the chunky thigh rolls. Love them.

Kai likes to rock his Packers outfit on game days, and this past Sunday he enjoyed watching the game with Great Grandma Joan.

Last week he also got to meet Great Grandma Lee for the first time.

Man, I love that face. Oh Kai, you are one challenging little guy but I love you to the moon and back.


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