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Hello and welcome to my blog. Where oh where to begin? A little about myself I suppose. I am a born and bread Wisconsinite, and for the most part I love it. Except for the 9 months out of the year when the weather sucks. Then I don’t love it as much. But my family is here, and it is my home. Let’s see, what else? I am engaged to be married next year; my fiance popped the question on Christmas Eve, and I was completely surprised. So, I have been planning since January, but have been on a bit of a hiatus since, um, about March. I realize now that I need to kick it into gear and get things done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I am not ecstatic and excited to be married, I just don’t have the planning gene. It would make me happy if someone else could take care of everything and I could just show up.

What else do I do might you ask? I am an avid runner, and enjoy all things oudoor-related (well, most things). I have six marathons under my belt, and sometimes I think I am crazy.  On that note, I think that is enough for my introductory blog. If I talk about everything now, what will I talk about later?


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