So the trip to Colorado was cold. However, it was not as cold as Wisconsin the day we returned. The first few days on the mountain were beautiful. It was sunny, clear skies, and awesome snow. Then came Wednesday. I believe the high temp on the mountain may have reached 2 degress, but I’m not sure. We took exactly 1.5 runs before deciding that that the warm condo sounded much better than the possibility of severe frostbite. Thursday and Friday were a little more bearable, and there was actually some pretty decent powder which kind of made up for the icy temps. All in all, another fantastic trip. As always when we return each January, I feel as though I am completely done with winter. There is nothing more to make the cold enjoyable, and I am ready for spring right now. Unfortunately I am looking out my window right now at the snow coming down in force, 4-6 inches expected. It’s going to be a long winter.


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