Parallel lives

When I started this blog not so long ago, I really didn’t have any expectations for it. I wasn’t sure anyone would ever read it, which was ok. I figured it would be a place for me to re-kindle the love affair I had with writing back in high school, and maybe eventually to keep my family and friends updated on all things me.

But yesterday, as I was waisting time procrastinating on the internet taking a break from work, I randomly clicked on a weather-related post, and found my blog twin. Well, at that point all I knew was that it was a giant coincidence. She is from WI, fed up with the winter weather, and we are both in the middle of reading the same book. I left her a comment as such, and a link to my lowly little blog in case she was bored. That’s when we went from mere coincidence, to oh my god, we are living a parallel life! She ran her first marathon in Anchorage, Alaska with Team in Training, and she is getting married too! Ok, I realize that lots of people are getting married, but come on people. There aren’t too many who can say they ran their first marathon in Alaska while raising money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma society.

So here’s to my first blogging friend, and to motivating each other to run & Enjoy Life!



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4 responses to “Parallel lives

  1. theKBB

    It’s my Heidi! Aw. The Internet worlds are colliding.

    I also wonder if I know YOU, LW, seeing as though we have similar blogrolls. We share people.

    I also did TNT. In San Fran with Heidi. It was AWESOME. I would love to do Anchorage. Love.

    Happy blogging. 🙂

  2. LW

    KBB, I believe you may know me as planetelex from another web site 🙂
    I’ve been following your blog ever since I found out you were doing TNT. I love it, by the way. It keeps me entertained on a daily basis. Good stuff!

  3. sunshinequeen

    Yay, to colliding on the internet.

    Krista is very influencial person in blog world. Who wouldn’t follow her daily.

    So here’s to motivating oursleves to run and maybe we’ll all meet in person at a race someday! Cheers

  4. theKBB

    Well, crap! This is exciting!

    And yes, I do remember a planetelex from a certain (cough) website. 😉

    Fancy meeting you all here in the comment section.