When we originally started planning the wedding, we thought we would have approximately 150 guests. It’s a good number. Not too big, not too small. On this snowy, icy, blustery, craptastic day I am working on the guest list. It is up to 259. Um, seriously? This cannot be right. The good thing is, there are quite a few people on there that we don’t even know, and the fiance’s mom has already said it will be no problem to cut her list of friends and co-workers down. I am very anxious for her revised list, because this is stressing me out big time. We budgeted for 150, and things were already getting tight. It’s not that I don’t want to have a big wedding (though it really doesn’t matter to me either way), I just don’t want to go broke in the process.

I would have been perfectly happy with a small destination wedding on a tropical island, but I had to keep in mind family members that would not be able to make it, like our grandmas, who are very important to us. In the end, I am glad we will be able to celebrate with all of our family and friends that mean so much to us, but man is it stressful. I can’t wait until everything is done and the day is here, and I get to start my life with my new husband!



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  1. I just HAD to laugh at this! I’m in the same boat. We are working on a budget for 175 total and once everyone had their submissions, we were over 220! My father alone contributed 54 names, when it turns out that (after family and bridal party) there really was only 80 total friends we could include. Fifty-four. As in FIVE. FOUR.


    It became comical when I tasked my dad to look at our “a” list and try to trim it some by moving some people to the “b” list. He promptly removed ten names and added 11 different ones.

    Gotta love wedding planning!

  2. LW

    I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Who knew this would end up being such an ordeal??