I woke up this morning feeling not too excited to get out of bed. With my legs a bit tight from yesterdays strength training session, I was even less excited about my workout, a 30 min treadmill recovery run followed by an hour in the pool. Motivated by my new gym bag (it’s the little things people), I headed out to the Y.


This bag is awesome by the way, but I digress.

I got to the gym, mounted the treadmill, and set the pace at an easy 6.6 with an incline of 1. As I settled into the short run, I started to feel better. By 20 min in, I was actually looking forward to my swim. I finished up my run and headed to the locker room to change into my suit. I find it is always a bit of a struggle to pull on a dry swim suit over a wet, sweaty body, and also slightly gross, but whatever. I get my suit on, grab my cap, and grab my…


No goggles.

In the hasty packing of the new gym bag, I forgot to transfer over one somewhat critical item. I searched the bag anyways, just in case, but I knew they weren’t there.

So my workout was foiled by my own carelessness, my scatterbrained ways. And just when it was looking like I wouldn’t miss a single scheduled workout this week. I am really bummed about it, but oh well, I guess it happens. Sometimes I am surprised to look in the mirror and find that my head is still attached. Needless to say, my goggles are already packed neatly into my new bag, so I cannot forget them next time.


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