Valentine's recap

I know I am a little bit behind with my posting, but I am going to tell you about Valentine’s day. It started when the fiance came home from work with these:

I had already prepared the dough for the homemade pizzas in my bread machine, so we were ready to go. The rolling out of the dough and stretching it into a circle in the pizza pan was slightly comical. S was actually throwing his in the air like they do at an actual pizza place. I was not so daring with mine, as I was quite sure it would end up on the floor. I also couldn’t get mine to stretch out enough to fit the pan, so S had to help me out (what would I do without him?). Anyway, here are the tasty results:



Yum. The pizzas were so good, and we decided we will be registering for those special pizza pans with the holes in the bottom to make a slightly crispier crust. 

We also shared a delicious bottle of wine that we had been saving from our engagement party last summer, and we finished things off with a slice of death by chocolate cake and ice cream.



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