Ear plug testing, part 1 (yes, seriously)

In my never-ending quest for a perfect night’s sleep, I decided that I would start testing out various ear plugs. So I went to Target, and was quickly disappointed to find only two different varieties. I bought them both, and the testing commenced. My requirements for passing the test are quite simple. The plugs need to be comfortable, easy to use, and block sufficient noise to allow me to sleep soundly through the night. The first ones I tried were these:


I noticed right away in the store by feeling the package that these foam plugs are much softer that the traditional standard yellow foam plugs. That night before I went to bed, I rolled the little puppies up and stuck them into my ear canals. They were so smooshy that it actually made it a bit difficult to get them in. After 2 attempts, I was set. They seemed pretty comfortable at first, but the true test would be wearing them for a full 8 hours. I was able to fall asleep, and I didn’t even wake up when the fiance came into bed a while later. However, approximately 3 hours into my sleep, I woke up and found that the plugs were very uncomfortable and irritating. I had to remove them. After several restless hours, I broke down and put them back in. The bottom line: they feel ok at first, but become uncomfortable after prolonged wear. In fact, after trying them a few more times, I actually started waking up with itchy ears, which is not fun.

(A side note: my cat loves these earplugs for some reason. If I leave them out on my nightstand, she will sniff them out, get on the table, and steal them with her mouth. I have already foung them laying on various floors around the house.)

So these unfortunately did not pass my test. However, I did find out on the Mack’s website that these also come in junior sizes for kids. I may try these if I can find them, because I think most of the problem here lies in my unusually tiny ear canals. In my next post, I will review the next pair of plugs that I tested. Stay tuned…


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