Maybe duathlon is my sport

Here’s the thing. I hate swimming. Hate. This is probably in part due to the fact that I suck balls at it, but also I just find absolutely no enjoyment in it whatsoever. Back and forth. Back and forth. It is more boring to me than running on a treadmill (which, surprisingly, has actually grown on me as of late).

Today my training schedule told me to do a swimming time trial. The goal of this is to find your T1 pace, or training pace per 100 yards. To do this time trial, I was instructed to swim 3 sets of 300 yards with 30 sec rest in between each one. Then average the three times, and either divide by 3, or just look at the handy reference chart in the book.

It turns out I am off the chart in slowness. The slowest average 300 time on the chart is 6:00, meaning a T1 time of 2:00. My average time was 6:29. The thing is, while I am swimming, I don’t feel like I am that terrible a swimmer. Apparently though, I am. A few weeks ago during my workout I actually convinced myself that the pool I use must be longer than 25 yards. I started to feel better about myself, thinking that all of my workouts have been longer than I thought. This was until I asked the lifeguard the length of the pool. She looked at me kind of funny and said, “Um, 25 yards?” Duh.

I am really at a loss here for what to do about this. Never before have I hated a form of exercise so much. Sure, there are days when I don’t feel like running or biking, but I like these things in general. Love them even. I have started to dread going to the pool. I hate the smell. I hate getting water in my mouth and up my nose. I hate that there are always a bunch of kids in the pool that are probably peeing in said water. I thought this would get better as I improved and got more used to swimming laps, but it has only gotten worse. I am at the point now where I wish I hadn’t signed up for the half-ironman this summer, which makes me really sad. I have never felt like this while training for an event.

I usually try to think positively about things, but the thought of having to swim three times a week until late July makes me want to die a little. I think after this is all over, I will take up the duathlon.


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