Dear Mother Nature,

Well done.

I would like to thank you for today. When I left for my 7.5 mile run, it was 51 degrees and sunny. Beautiful. I couldn’t help but grin. I found I had a little extra bounce to my step, despite having already swam 3000 yards today. Things that would normally piss me off and cause me to curse in my head (and oftentimes out loud) did not phase me today. I didn’t care when I sloshed through the myriad of gigantic puddles that are the bike path. I didn’t care that no matter which direction I was running, the wind was in my face. I didn’t care when I had to stop and carefully navigate the few expanses of ice that are left. My socks are soaked through with mud water and my running shoes are trashed. It was glorious.

I would like to say keep up the good work. However, I see that your plans for the next week include freezing rain and temperatures in the 30’s. I beg you to reconsider. Like, on my knees I am begging you. For once I get a taste of spring, it is like a drug. I need it. Going backwards in the season is not an option. So let’s move on, and leave this godforsaken winter behind us!




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  1. Krista

    A-freaking-men. I absolutely love this weather!