I rock hardcore

Yesterday was a glorious day in the LW household. With a $10 Best Buy coupon about to expire, and a small gift card left over from Christmas, I decided that it was time for Guitar Hero III for the Wii. I have been wanting this game forever, but could never justify actually paying for it. Well, I am not one to waste a $10 coupon, so there I had my excuse.

It was ever-so-difficult to get any work done in the afternoon knowing that my new shiny plastic guitar was patiently waiting for me in the next room. But alas, I exhibited incredible self-control and managed to finish what I needed to get done. My original plan was to wait until S got home from work to start rockin’ out, but when he called and said he would be late, I could not contain myself any longer.

I fired up the Wii and took my rock stance. I was prompted to create a band name. Oh my god, I love this. I named my band “R-Tex Sinking,” after my favorite movie…you guessed it, Neverending Story.  I am a total dork, I know. Then I needed to pick a character. This is me:


She is so hot and bad-ass. Now I was ready.

And the rocking commenced. I busted through some Sex Pistols and Foghat. Pearl Jam and Weezer. The Killers. This is all too much awesomeness. I am addicted.

When S finally got home from work I was deep into a classic cut from The Who. He laughed at me. “Just wait” I thought. “Once you try it, you will know.”

I eventually had to take a break and make dinner. That’s when S picked up the guitar. He jammed out a few songs while I was cooking, seemed into it but not thatinto it. I finished cooking and we turned off the Wii in favor of the TV while we were eating. Terrible, I know, but we must be wired into some form of technology at all times. We watched a movie, and as is often the case, I went to bed first. I am not nocturnal by nature, and I tend to just fall asleep if I am up late watching TV.

S is the opposite. He will stay up until all hours of the night on the weekends and sleep in until early afternoon, whereas I can’t sleep past 8 or 9 no matter how hard I try. What often happens is he falls asleep on the couch, and I wake up around 3am, get up and turn off the TV, and go back to bed. (Sheesh, this all sounds pathetic, and we’re not even married yet). So last night was no different. I woke up at 3:15. I got up and went into the living room to turn off the TV. S is not sleeping.

He is playing Guitar Hero. You have got to be kidding me. Before I was all the way in the room, I hear “It’s not my fault, you bought it!” He is obsessed. I rolled my eyes and went back to bed. At 4am I wake up again. I go into the living room.

He is still playing Guitar Hero. This is ridiculous. I tell him it is time for bed. He has to just show me one more song. I watch. I tell him I am going to activate the parental controls. He finally comes to bed.

Fast forward to now. He is playing Guitar Hero. He just yelled to me that you get more money if you get a better score on a song. I am hearing Slowride for the third time in a row. I have created a monster. 

Suffice to say, at least we will be saving money by staying in on the weekends.


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  1. Megan

    I love Guitar Hero III. I used to think it looked so ridiculous, until I secretly played it one day; I became hooked!