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It has been 3 weeks since my last post. To my 2 or 3 readers out there, I apologize. Work, training, and wedding planning has taken over my life. Anyways, I figured I’d better come back with something good, so without further ado, here are 100 things about me:

1.       I was born at 11:59 pm. Since I started to pop out before midnight and finished after, they gave my parents the choice of my birthday being October 18th or 19th.

2.       They picked October 18th.

3.       I was a total tomboy when I was younger, and into all sports.

4.       During the summer Olympics, I would put on my gymnastics leotard and do moves in the living room while watching gymnastics.

5.       I hate cheesecake.

6.       I have an equal hatred for water chestnuts. It’s a texture thing.

7.       Other than that, I am not a picky eater and will eat almost anything.

8.       When I was little, I had a recurring dream that I was falling and falling down the basement stairs. When I would get to the bottom, I would jolt awake in bed.

9.       I once woke up and found myself under the bed.

10.   I am extremely right-side dominant. Writing, kicking, throwing, you name it. I even have to sleep on the right side of the bed. My left side is actually pretty useless.

11.   I am terrified of spiders and centipedes.

12.   I also have an irrational fear of being attacked by a goose while running.

13.   I run a lot.

14.   I am very emotional. Almost anything can make me cry, and things affect me very deeply.

15.   I love the ocean, particularly the Caribbean.

16.   I learned to SCUBA dive last year.

17.   If I hadn’t majored in film in college, I would have majored in geology to be able to study oceanography.

18.   I could also hold a degree in the art of procrastination. In fact, I am probably putting something else off in order to write this.

19.   I took piano lessons for 12 years, and to this day I regret giving it up.

20.   I have also played the violin, flute, alto sax, and baritone sax.

21.   I love camping. And just being outside in general.

22.   I hate winter and question why I live in Wisconsin on almost a daily basis.

23.   Then I remember that it is because I have the best family ever, and I am too attached to ever move far away.

24.   I have moved 10 times in the past 10 years, the furthest away being Minneapolis for my first year of college.

25.   I hate moving.

26.   My fiancé and I bought a condo last year, so hopefully I won’t be moving again for at least several years.

27.   I ride a motorcycle.

28.   I have run 6 marathons.

29.   I am getting into the sport of triathlon this year.

30.   My ultimate goal is to complete Ironman WI, tentatively slated for 2009.

31.   That scares the crap out of me.

32.   One of my favorite books is Into Thin Airby Jon Krakauer.

33.   I used to dream of climbing Mt. Everest. Now, not so much. But I am still fascinated by it.

34.   I was a vegetarian for 10 years. Now, not so much.

35.   My favorite movie of all time is The Neverending Story (see blog title).

36.   My second favorite is Rain Man.

37.   I love to read, but once I finish a book, it often takes me months to start a new one.

38.   I shaved my head during my junior year of high school and told my mom the soccer team held me down and forced me to do it.

39.   That was a lie. Really I was just a pretty weird kid and wanted to shave my head.

40.   I was mistaken for a boy more than once during the months that followed.

41.   I was a wannabe skater for several years. I had the baggy pants and punk rock shirts, but I was too chicken to actually ever get on a skateboard.

42.   My cousin and I also wanted to be “aggressive skaters” with our rollerblades. He would grind on curbs and do jumps. I was too chicken.

43.   I was, however, a real punk rocker. I have attended countless punk rock shows in dingy, disgusting venues. Awesome.

44.   I worry about money constantly. Even if I had a lot of it, I would probably still worry about it.

45.   I am a worrier in general. About morbid things too, like people close to me dying in a horrific accident. I hate this, but I can’t help it.

46.   I consider myself a morning person.

47.   I never thought I would say that.

48.   I need to have a cup of coffee in the morning in order to function. Sometimes another one in the afternoon.

49.   I am the lightest sleeper I know. My fiancé likes to say that if a mouse farted outside on the sidewalk it would wake me up.

50.   I have taken to sleeping with earplugs. They work wonders.

51.   I am extremely shy around people I don’t know.

52.   However, once I know you, I cannot shut up.

53.   I am sort of a goof ball most of the time. Some call this being weird, I call it having a sense of humor.

54.   My favorite foods in no particular order are pizza, mint chocolate chip ice cream, sushi, tacos, and bloody marys.

55.   I consider bloody mary it’s own food group, and I can make a killer one.

56.   I like to sing in the car.

57.   I have a terrible singing voice. Terrible.

58.   At least I know this and would never attempt to try out for American Idol.

59.   I don’t eat the ends of bananas. They also must be at a perfect stage of ripeness, just yellow with only one or two brown dots. Overripe bananas gross me out.

60.   I ran my first marathon in Alaska, and raised $4200 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society in the process.

61.   It was one of my best experiences to date.

62.   I love my DVR.

63.   The shows I am addicted to in no particular order are Lost, Oprah, Grey’s Anatomy, House, What Not to Wear, and the Suze Orman Show.

64.   I realize this makes me a total nerd.

65.   I love technology, and would not know how to function in daily life without the internet.

66.   I find this fact disturbing and pathetic.

67.   I have a cat named Zooey, and I love her like she is my kid. Seriously, it’s bad.

68.   I am serious about recycling. I will dig a can out of the kitchen garbage to recycle it.

69.   It pains me to admit that I do not yet have re-usable shopping bags.

70.   I am a bargain hunter. I pretty much cannot bring myself to pay full price for anything, and I love getting a deal.

71.   I keep trying to like soy milk, but I just don’t.

72.   I don’t like sitting around with nothing to do. I need a plan for the day and I like to feel productive.

73.   Sometimes though, something to do includes lying in front of the TV and taking a nap.

74.   I consider my mom to be one of my best friends. She is the only person that I really talk to a lot on the phone.

75.   In general, I don’t like talking on the phone.

76.   I used to hate texting, but it has grown on me and I’m pretty good at it now.

77.   I was so mean to my little brother while we were growing up.

78.   Now we get along great and I attribute his success in life to having overcome the abuse from his evil sister.

79.   My brother is awesome, and way smarter than me, Mr. MIT graduate works with nuclear power engineer.

80.   I am awful at making decisions, and my fiancé is incredibly indecisive. This leads to many nights spent at home playing Guitar Hero.

81.   I am not capable of staying awake on the couch for an entire movie. It’s like a Pavlovian response. A movie comes on, I fall asleep.

82.   I don’t usually fall asleep in the theatre, but it has happened.

83.   My favorite holiday is Christmas, but I hate Christmas shopping.

84.   I am not into politics. At all. I wish I was more into it, because I feel it’s important, but I’m just not.  I do vote though, which counts for something.

85.   I love breakfast food, and I love having “breakfast for dinner.”

86.   I wish I cooked more, but I am not good at meal planning and grocery shopping for actual meal items.

87.   I love going out to eat, but I always feel guilty for spending the money (see number 44).

88.   I can’t stand the way most people drive.

89.   I don’t really like driving in general, especially at night.

90.   I have terrible night vision.

91.   I love learning about the human body. I wish I could have one of those full body scans where they can tell you everything you’d ever want to know about your insides.

92.   When I have a weird thought about something, I often wonder if someone else somewhere in the world has thought that exact same thought.

93.   One of my biggest goals is to live to be 100. I realize this is unlikely, but it would be pretty awesome.

94.   I love music. I could never name an absolute favorite band or song because there are just too many, and my answer would probably change on a daily basis.

95.   I love to travel more than anything. If I has unlimited funds, I think I would constantly be travelling somewhere new.

96.   I have always been the type to have a few close friends as opposed to many acquaintances.

97.   I have no tolerance for intolerance.

98.   I can’t believe you are still reading this.

99.   I think regret is a waste of time, but I definitely have some.

100. There you have it, that’s me in a nutshell. Thanks for reading and stay tuned…



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