Time Trial

A while back, I posted about how I was off the charts in slowness in the pool. It has been nearly two months since then, and I have been swimming on average 2-3 times a week. This morning it was time to see if all this swimming has paid off.

Time trial.

I was actually sort of nervous. I wanted to show improvement so badly, to be able to tell myself that all of these hours in the pool are actually paying off. Lord knows, if they’re not, I just might have to jump out of a window.

Last time I did the time trial, March 6th, my average time for 300 yards swum back to back with 30 seconds rest in between was 6:29. This time was not even listed on the chart in my handy dandy training book. The slowest time listed is 6:00. If only I could just get there…

So after a nice easy 750 yard warm up, I got to it. I swam the first 300 pretty hard, but I felt good. As I touched the last wall, I hit the lap counter on my watch. You will never guess what happened next.


What? Is this a mistake? Nope. There is was. A forty second improvement over last time. I reasoned it must have been a fluke. I still had 2 more sets to go. I took off on the second set. My lungs burned and I thought for sure I had slowed down considerably. I hit the lap button. 5:47! Holy crap!

Third set. Lungs on fire. 5:48!! I could not believe it. I am on the chart! Low on the chart (very low) but on it none the less. I couldn’t be happier right now, because this means all of my dreaded, boring, mind-numbing hours in the pool are paying off. I am starting to feel confident that come July 20th, I will be able to make it 1.2 miles in Lake Michigan. I am still pretty freaked out about the whole open water surrounded by hundreds of people thing, but I am not going to worry about that just yet. I am slowly creeping up on my goal, and that feels pretty damn good. 


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