What the?!?

I woke up early this morning and went to get out of bed. As I bent my knee, there was throbbing pain. This isn’t that unusual an occurance, so I thought back to what training I did yesterday, and my internal pre-coffee dialogue went something like this. 

Oh, it must be from running. Wait, I didn’t run yesterday. Oh yeah that’s right. Well then it must be from soccer. That usually does it. Wait, I didn’t play soccer yesterday. Biking? Nope. In fact, I did not work out yesterday at all. (I take the term “rest week” very seriously).  What the hell??

Then it hit me.


Yup, that’s right. My knee is sore from a rousing 9 innings of kickball. Yes, the grade school game you played at recess. So much so that I did not run today either, and have been hobbling around like a 70 year old. Pathetic much?

Here is the headline:

“Local girl unable to compete in half-ironman due to injuries sustained while playing a playgound game invented for 10-year-olds in which you kick a big red ball and sprint around bases trying not to get hit with said ball.”

Nice. Maybe I need to cut back on the extra-curriculars.


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