Margarita Fest Indeed

As I mentioned, Saturday was my bridal shower. Let me just tell you, it rocked. I arrived delighted to find this scene:

That would be my awesome cousin and matron of honor Kelly, already preparing the margaritas. Everyone started to arrive shortly after, including three of my good friends (I’m second from the right):

After visiting with everyone for a while and playing a few games, it was time to get to the gift opening portion of the day. Let me just tell you, I have some awesome friends and family who gave me some way cool stuff. Here I am with my mom before the gift opening began:

And here I am with Kelly as she is documenting who gave me what fabulous gift:

My third margarita resulted in this pose with a towel:

And finally, two of my girlfriends were nice enough to surprise me with a bottle of tropical flavored lube in front of my entire family. I can still her my 89 year old grandma saying “What is that? What is it??”

After the gifts, it was time to eat! I wish I had remembered to take a picture of the food, because it was delicious. We had home-made enchiladas, guacamole, rice and beans, taco salad, rice, cake, and my favorite since I was little, broken glass jello. Yum.

It was so great to see everyone that came to the shower, and with that, I will be married in less than seven weeks. Invites are out, and I am so secretly excited to start receiving response cards in the mail. I am a dork, I know, but I can’t wait to enter everything into my guest list spreadsheet so we can start working with an actual number. Wow, that sounded nerdy. Really I just can’t wait to be done with all things wedding planning related so I can enjoy our fabulous party and get on with my life!


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