Raiders of the Lost Ark

In my preparation to see Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull on Memorial Day, I went out yesterday and rented the first three installments. I knew I had seen at least parts of these movies, but my memory was hazy at best. Something about monkey brains?

So last night we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark. I can tell you one thing that surprised me: I had never seen that movie before, as in I didn’t remember a single thing. I assumed that I had surely seen this movie at some point in my life, so I was expecting some level of familiarity. But alas, there was no recollection whatsoever. 

Now here’s the thing that really surprised me. I didn’t really think it was all that great. Maybe my expectations were to high (seriously, everyone around me is so excited for the new movie to come out). While there were a few great parts that made me laugh, I actually found it to be a little long and uneventful. Not bad, but it didn’t exactly make me want to jump up and pop in TheTemple of Doom without delay. Is it just me?

So tonight I will give the next one a try. I have been told that TheTemple of Doom is the best out of the three, so we shall see. It better be good.


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  1. yeah, the Temple of Doom is by far the best. I used to be obsessed with all of the VHS tapes when I was little!