Aren't they perty?

And they’re all mine. I had a “professional” running shoe fitting today, because my old New Balances just weren’t cutting it for me anymore. The sales associate had me walk away from her, walk towards her, and run on a treadmill before disappearing to the stock room and re-emerging with about 6 pairs of shoes that would be just right for me.

I learned that I have a normal foot. Normal arches, neutral gait, good running form. Basically I could not be more ordinary, which in this case is good. She said I would be fine with any neutral shoe, so I was just trying them on for comfort. I am all about the cushion, and these bas boys fit the bill. Light and cushy. Oh and they look pretty cool too.

As if I didn’t spend enough money buying brand new running shoes, I also felt the need to stop over at REI for some biking supplies. $156 later I have a new bike bag, a bento box, new gel gloves (all about the cushion), a bike repair kit, and approximately $51 worth of gels, blocks, bars, sport beans, and accelerade. This sport is not cheap.

Well, that’s it. If not for the current 90 degree temps mixed with the gale-force winds and possible hail, I would try out the new shoes. I will have a chance to try out my new bike stuff tomorrow during a four hour ride, and I’m pretty psyched about it. It’s time to kick the training into high gear, which will be no easy task with the wedding in 15 days. Oh my!


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  1. 15 days?! WOW. How exciting, I can’t wait for pictures.

    And I run in Asics very similar to these, and always get mine fitted by one of those ‘pros’ too. They always put me in the same Asics:) Love them.