Weather Stalker

After years of loyalty to and the 10-day forecast, I recently discovered and the 15-day forecast. Awesome. Now, I realize that weather forecasters have trouble being accurate in describing the weather for the next 5 minutes, but for the last few days I have been stalking the 15-day forecast. I am completely neurotic about the weather over which I have no control, always have been.

Today is the first day that the wedding day appeared in said forecast, and here is the prediction:

This better be subject to change in the next 15 days. Do you think it’s bad luck to stalk the weather?

Neurotic. Case in point.



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2 responses to “Weather Stalker

  1. It’s not bad luck, it’s completely necessary in my opinion. Meaning, I stalk the weather often and get angry when the forecast isn’t pleasant. I’m sure the weather will be fabulous! We had rainy, cloudy skies until the moment we stepped out for pictures. Then it cleared up and was sunny…..but returned to rain as the ceremony started. I think rain on your wedding day is actually considered lucky!

  2. Sara

    Not bad luck at all, I stalked it religiously for the 15 days prior to our wedding.

    The result? Wasted a LOT of time. It was in the low 50s and cold and tons of rain (and I believe threats of snow one day) the week leading up to the big day – with a forecast calling for thunderstorms all day. Keep in mind this was an outdoor wedding. With no back up (yep, seriously).

    Day of? Mid-to-high 60s (in October!) and sunny.

    Moral of the story? Don’t let your mind wrap around the things you can’t control. It’ll be beautiful rain or sun (think cute black and white pictures with umbrellas!), and you’ll be married in the end.