Oh Johnny, how I love thee

So I am almost positive I ran past Johnny Depp’s movie trailer today.

I may or may not have peed a little.

I read the other day that the Public Enemies film crew had applied for permits to occupy the curbs of several downtown streets. After I read the article, I promptly forgot about it, because well, I’ve had a few things on my mind lately. So imagine my surprise when I was running along Prospect Ave only to look up and see a barrage of large vehicles, semi tractor-trailers, and actor trailers parked along the street with orange cones all over the place and complete with people from local businesses standing in the middle of the sidewalk gawking.

That’s when my memory of the filming was jogged (pun intended) and I kicked into Johnny stalking high-alert mode. Ok, so there were no actual movie people to be seen anywhere, but I did spot one trailer (actually let’s call it more of a tour bus without the front end) that was much nicer than all of the rest. Johnny’s I’m sure. (Really I’m not sure at all and am probably wrong about all of this, but for the sake of my story, it was his, damnit!).

Suddenly I had daydreams of knocking on the door, or maybe just trying to peek into the window. Creepy much? Anyways, Johnny would answer, and I would say “Hi Johnny Depp, do you have any water in there?” He would pull an ice cold bottle out of the fridge, I would drip sweat all over his floor, we would chat for a bit, I would invite him to my wedding, he would say he’d try and stop by. Swoon!

By this time I was home and already plotting my running route for tomorrow to take me within distance of a possible Johnny sighting. I’m sure it won’t happen, but it will be damn good motivation to get me through the swim and bike portions of tomorrow’s brick workout.


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