Wedding Recap

Ok, here we go. This will probably be pretty long and photo heavy, so sit back and enjoy! Let me start by saying again that we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day on Saturday. The day flew by so fast, it was so hard to take everything in!

Let’s back up to Friday night, and our awesome rehearsal dinner. After the rehearsal, we all headed over to La Perla for some delicious Mexican food and margaritas. They put us up on their outdoor terrace, and it was the perfect place for our group of about 40.

Me with Michelle (bridesmaid)

And ring bearer Andrew. SO cute.

Moving on to Saturday morning. The War Memorial called in the morning asking if we still wanted everything set up outside for the ceremony since there was a chance of rain. I said yes, definately! I just had a feeling that it would be a beautiful day.

Here we are getting our hair and makeup done. I think one of my best decisions was having a hair and makeup person come to us on the day of, rather than having to go to a salon. It was so much more relaxing being in one place and not having to run around.

This is the view from the room where we got ready. The chairs were already set up for the ceremony.

Ready to go! Seeing this photo, I think I was starting to get nervous.

These are my favorite pics from the ceremony. The flower girl is hysterical, running up the aisle screaming “mommmmyyyyy!!” The matron of honor (right) is her mom. Her and my aunt are waiving to get her to come. This just cracks me up. I hope to have video of the flower girl to post later this week.

Here’s me walking up with my dad. Surprisingly, I did not turn into a big puddle at this point (or at all in fact). I was actually trying not to look at everyone beacuse I was afraid I was going to lose it.

It seems that my eyes are closed in many of the pictures, but here’s a good shot of my hair flowers. I LOVED my hair.

The sand ceremony. We had a rather large container, so this took a while. It worked out ok though, because my brother and my cousin were singing a duet at this point. We overfilled the bottle a little, which made us laugh, along with the party music from Polish Fest going on next door.

The kiss!

Mr. and Mrs. C!!

The bridal party

This is just after being introduced into the reception. I wish I would have peeked into the room before everyone went in, because I really didn’t get to see what the tables looked like with the centerpieces. Hopefully the photographer got some shots of that.

We had individual cakes at each table as the centerpieces. We had three different flavors and told all of the tables to mingle about and try the different cakes. They were so yummy!

Our first dance was to “Lover Lay Down” by Dave Matthews. We are NOT good dancers, so we kept on looking at each other and counting down the minutes until the end of the song. We did do a good dip at the end, but unfortunately I don’t have a picture of that yet.

My dad got misty-eyed during our dance to “Lullabye” by Billy Joel.

The rest of the night was spent partying down old skool style, so I will leave you with a collage of images that capture that feel:

And by far my favorite photo of the night:

All in all it was absolutely fantastic! We have already had people tell us it was the best wedding they’ve been to. People also raved about the food. I was glad we splurged on the dinner (we had a combination plate of filet and chicken in a puff pastry), because everyone loved it. I didn’t do many of the little details that people seem to get so hung up on, and I don’t think anyone noticed. My point is not to drive yourself crazy with all of the small stuff. I didn’t really stress about anything leading up to the day. Whatever got done got done, and whatever didn’t, well, who cares? We had an awesome party, and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

In other news, people were so generous with their gifts I was sort of blown away. We were able to book our honeymoon yesterday, and I can’t wait! We are going in November, and we will spend 9 nights in Belize!!



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2 responses to “Wedding Recap

  1. Looks like such a great day! I’m glad you commented about having a hair dresser come to you rather than going to a salon…because I am planning on cancelling our salon appt and hope it would be worth the extra $$ to have someone come to the house.

  2. Congrats, LW. It looks absolutely fabulous. I love the pictures and agree with you—do what you can to plan, but then who cares. You wedding day is going to rock even if you didn’t tie a million bows onto a program.

    And Belize? How awesome is that?!