As of today, I am officially no longer LW. I spent the entire morning at the SS office, the DMV (awesome!) and the bank. From this day forward, I guess I will be known as LC.

The SS office was painless. There was only one person ahead of me, so I only had to wait about 5 minutes. I handed over my documents, got my receipt, and was on my merry way.

The way became less merry right about the time I walked into the DMV (aka hell on earth). Over the past few years, I have spent entirely too much time in these establishments. Two summers ago I got my motorcycle license (that required two trips). Then at the end of 2007 my license expired, so I had to go again. It is worth noting that during that trip, the fire alarm in the DMV went off no less than three times, once after I had actually made it up to the window and was in the middle of my transaction. Each time all patrons were herded outside into the parking lot while we waited for the fire trucks. THREE times.

I digress. Upon entering today, I promptly checked the scrolling sign, which notified me that the waiting time was 21 minutes. Not bad. I filled out my papers and sat down. I looked at the board and was elated when I saw my section was on number 230. I was 234. I waited. They called number 231 fairly quickly. Sweet! I waited some more. 25 minutes go by before they called 232. I was getting pissed. 21 minutes my ass, douchbags! A child was screaming at the top of his lungs non-stop. A woman from the DMV went over to the mother and let her skip everyone and go next, for the sanity of the other 950 people in the room. 50 minutes after I walked through the door my number was finally called. I took care of business, got my photo taken (why does my face always end up looking like an oil slick in these photos?) and got the hell out of there and into my eleventy billion degree car that was baking in the 90 degree sun. Ahhh, air conditioning.

I headed to the bank, which was quick, and with that, I was LC. For the past three weeks, people have been asking me if it feels any different to be married. I always reply no, it doesn’t at all. We’ve been all happy and giddy, but we have already been living together for the past few years, so what would be different? The name thing though, I have to say it’s a little weird. I had a pretty cool last name, in fact all of my past nicknames have been based on it. Lot’s of people actually call me LW. LC doesn’t seem to have the same ring to it. Not yet anyway. And let’s talk about my new signature. It sucks, to put it mildly. I always mess it up at the end, and it looks like perhaps a third grader wrote it while practicing cursive in their penmanship workbook. I will get used to it, I know, but for now I am entertaining the idea of getting a cool tattoo that somehow incorporates a “W”, just so it can always be a part of me. Lame? Maybe, but I like the thought.



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3 responses to “LC

  1. LC – just like Lauren Conrad 🙂

  2. Erin

    Congrats on the new name! 🙂

    Bummer you had to give up a cool name. I inherited a way cooler name when I got married, so changing it was pretty painless on my end!

    Either way, though, it’s exciting. It reflects that you’re a family now, and that’s awesome!

  3. Ah, the name change. I thought it was pretty painless, too, but now a year later I’m STILL discovering random things with my maiden name on them. Oh well, it’s worth it.