Flashback to November 11, 1991

I was newly 11 years old. My friend Kelly and I had been preparing for this moment for weeks. We made poster-board signs that read “I HEART Donny” and “I HEART Jordan” in big Crayola letters. We did our hair and put on our jean jackets. Mine was completely covered in buttons. It was the coolest. I wish I could share a picture of this, but I don’t even know where to dig one up.

We got in the car and my dad drove us to the Bradley Center. We found our nosebleed seats amidst a sea of giddy pre-teens. We could hardly contain ourselves. My dad put in his earplugs and the concert started. The screaming was deafening. NKOTB took the stage and we lost it. We held our signs high, proclaiming our love for Jordan, Joey,  Donny,  Danny,  and Jon.

At one point during the concert Donny sat on the edge of the stage as he was singing, and he pointed towards the upper deck. I was forever convinced that he saw my sign and was pointing directly to me (in nearly the very last row). We had a connection, of that I was sure. It was the best night of my little 11-year-old life.

So 17 years later it comes full circle. I came home last night from the So You Think You Can Dance Live Tour (a whole different story not really worth talking about) to find that my husband had scored free tickets for  the NKOTB concert tonight. Because he loves me, he will also accompany me to the show. (How many of you ladies can say your husband would do that?) I would be lying if I said I wasn’t totally excited. If only I had saved my 1991 concert tour t-shirt, you bet your ass I would be sporting it tonight. Stay tuned for my full review tomorrow. Right now I need to go find my jean jacket and tease my bangs.


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