Because I can't keep the NKOTB posts at the top of the page

I think my last two posts have made me out to be some sort of NKOTB superfan, which I am not any more. So on to more pressing topics.

It is snowing. Ok, not really snowing snowing, but there is a fine layer of frost/freezing rain/aka SNOW on the ground outside. It is still October, and this is in no way ok with me. With the weather getting colder by the minute, I like to remind myself that we will be here in t minus 18 days:

Ahhh, beautiful Belizian honeymoon. I can’t wait. The view from the balcony in our one bedroom apartment suite will be like this:

I am imagining sitting out there at night with a bottle of wine, just relaxing and getting ready for SCUBA diving during the day.

This is a shot of the eco lodge in the jungle where we will spend the second half of our trip:

And the private waterfall that we will be renting for the day:

Ok, I really didn’t mean for this to turn into a post all about our upcoming honeymoon, but I am so excited I can’t help it.

In running news: I did the Lakefront Discovery Run 15K on Saturday. It was my first time doing this race, and I was surprised at the large turnout. I had a good easy run to officially end out the 2008 season. Well, I should say it started out easy. I did a pretty excellent job of running negative splits:

Mile 1- 9:12

Mile 2 – 8:47

Mile 3 – 8:56 (oops)

Mile 4 – 8:43

Mile 5 – 8:38

Mile 6 – 8:31

Mile 7 – 8:10

Mile 8 – 7:48

Mile 9 – 7:52

.3 miles – 2:00

Normally I don’t pay such close attention to splits, but I was pretty impressed with myself when I saw this (thanks to my buddy Garmin, who I have affectionately named Jasper). Also notable about this run was the fact that it ended at the Milwaukee Ale House, and there was free beer. That was enough to bring me back again next year!

Also in honor of the cold weather, I went to spin class today. It’s time to get back into the swing of things at the Y, after a glorious few months of outdoor excersise. I will still run outside of course, but I draw the line at biking when it is under 50 degrees. OK, under 60 degrees. I am a wuss. Maybe I will get to the pool this week too. Ha! Let’s not get carried away.


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