Off the hook for another 4 years

I just got home from performing my civic responsibilities at jury duty. I was summoned back in January, and promptly put it off. Then I rescheduled 2 more times and finally my number was up. It was “Show up December 1st and 2nd, or we will come and get you.” Ok, so it wasn’t really that dramatic, but it was time to get it over with.

The first day I was called for a case along with 26 others, and after a 2 hour jury selection process, I was not selected. I’ll admit I was a bit offended. I would have made a fine juror in the case. However, it was a domestic violence case, and I’m sure the defense wanted to eliminate as many young females as possible. The thing is, that was going to be a short case, probably wrapping up the same day. I figured if I got on the jury, I maybe wouldn’t have to come back on Tuesday. No such luck.

I reported this morning at 8:30, and was called for a case around 10:00. This time there were 40 people called all together, so I knew we were in for the long haul. Questioning 40 people was going to take a while. As we got started, the judge stated that he hoped this trial would be done this week. As in Friday. Today is Tuesday. Oh no I cannot get chosen. He proceeded to ask the jury to raise their hands if they would be unable to stay the rest of the week. A flurry of hands shot up and he looked amused.

Each person was allowed to state their case as to why they couldn’t do it. Some people had valid reasons, some ridiculous. I threw out the “self-employed with no one else that can get my work done by the deadline” card. I didn’t know if it would fly, but I had to try. The questioning continued until we broke for lunch around noon. The judge told us to report back at 1:45. Seriously? Who needs that long to eat lunch? Let’s just get this thing over with!

We started back up around 2:00, and by 3:00 or so the selections had been made. Please don’t say number 12 please please please. Number 11 was called and my heart was in my throat (don’t ask me why, I get nervous easily). They are going to call me I know it I just know it…”Number 17, Number 19.” My body relaxed with relief. I will not have to spend the next 3 days (and probably more judging by the number of witnesses on the list and the propensity of the defense attorney to ask millions of questions that seemingly have nothing to do with the jury or the case) sitting in a jury box. Thank the lord.

Due to losing Monday and Tuesday to the legal system, I am going to be insanely busy with work for the rest of the week, but I am going to try my hardest to continue with my honeymoon recap posts in the next few days. I got my underwater camera pictures developed, so my next post will be all about the SCUBA diving we did in Belize.


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