Hidden Valley Day 4

Our last day at the Hidden Valley Inn, we woke up to find this outside our door.

Everything was covered in a misty fog. It was beautiful, but I was a little worried about our plans for the day. It was chilly, and we had reserved a waterfall for the day. That’s right, our own private waterfall, how cool is  that? There was nothing we could do about the weather, so we decided to just go and make the best of it. Here is the trail leading down to Secret Pools and Falls.

There was even a “do not disturb” sign stretched across the trail.

When we got to the bottom, we were greeted by a little thatched roof shelter set up with chilled champagne and lunch in a cooler.

Our waterfall:

It was too cold for swimming, so we hung out in these cool chairs for a while.

Then we popped open the champagne.

I wanted to get an artsy shot of the glass with the waterfall in the background. Cheesy, no?

We enjoyed a tasty lunch of meatballs, pitas, salads, and fruit.

After lunch it was raining quite a bit, so we lounged in the hammock and actually took a little nap too.

Obviously the weather could have been better, but we made the best of it and still had a very enjoyable day. It was a nice relaxing way to end our trip. The next morning we had to leave pretty early to make the drive back to Belize City and catch our flight home.

We thought that 9 nights was a perfect length for the trip. We were able to stay in two totally different areas, which was cool, and we had enough time in each place. Seven nights would have been way too rushed for us to enjoy everything that we did. I would definitely recommend Belize for an active adventure type vacation, which was perfect for us. There is a lot to do, and the people of Belize are very friendly. It is definitely not very budget-friendly though, so I would recommend planning this as a “big” trip, for an anniversary or something like that. I am glad we got to go all out for our honeymoon, because it will probably be quite some time before we are able to take another huge trip like that. Would I love to go back someday? As the locals say, “You better Belize it!”


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  1. Mom

    What a beautiful place! The hiking trails and waterfalls looked awesome. It looks like you picked a great place to stay. Hope I’ll be able to get there someday.