The cat and the goldfish

I recently started on a huge project for my dad that involves scanning the 35mm negatives of all of my childhood photos, spanning about 20 years. As you can imagine, there are quite a few. I will periodically post some of them that I find to be hilarious, or that triggor the memory of a good story.


This is my childhood cat, Whiskers. In the jar is my pet goldfish Tiffany (named after the pop star, of course). Whiskers looks pissed, like what? stop looking at me. this goldfish is such a tease, you evil human. Moments after this photo was taken, Whiskers got his revenge. Once everyone was out of the room, we heard a big crash. We ran back in to find Tiffany flopping around on the floor, water everywhere. take that. Tiffany survived the fall, but the trauma must have been too much for her. Sadly, days later, she died. I walked into the kitchen to find my mom putting Tiffany down the garbage disposal. I freaked out, as would any 8-year-old who witnessed this nightmarish scene. Heard of a toilet mom? Talk about traumatic.



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2 responses to “The cat and the goldfish

  1. OMG, the garbage disposal!??! WAH! That is terrifying. However, I love this story.

  2. Mom

    Come on – It didn’t feel a thing! 🙂