Snowmass, CO

Another January, and another trip to beautiful Colorado has come and gone. We lucked out with the weather this year, as most of the week was sunny and in the 30’s. Here is the view from the top of one of the peaks.

The first two days were a bit cold and snowy. Day one I under-dressed and was freezing all day. I decided not to make the same mistake on day two, so I piled on the layers. I call this look the uni-bomber.

This photo was taken on our last run of the trip. I picked a beautiful spot with a breathtaking mountain backdrop. As you can see, my mother-in-law didn’t quite see my vision, and instead captured some trees in the background. It turned out cute anyway.

Steve was able to do a better job of capturing the majestic scenery.

Though I feel like my snowboarding improves every year in Colorado, I did have one pretty big mishap this trip. On the third day, I caught an edge on an easy run and fell. Hard. Like as in did several somersaults down the mountain and hit the back of my head on the hard-groomed snow. The next morning I woke up and could barely move my neck. I had some serious whiplash. I went out anyway, which was dumb, because I was so shaken still that I felt like a beginner snowboarder. I couldn’t make turns because I was afraid to fall again. I knew it was all in my head, but I couldn’t get past it.

Day two after the fall was even worse. My neck was more stiff than the first day, and my whole body hurt. Even my stomach muscles were so sore that it hurt to cough. I realized that my body had taken a bigger hit than I thought, and decided to take the day off.

Friday was our last day, and I woke up feeling much better. We left early to have breakfast up on the mountain, and followed that with a full day of fun in the sun. I can never get over how beautiful it is up in the mountains.

Now it is time to hunker down and wait out the rest of the nasty Wisconsin winter. I realize it is only January and we have a long way to go, but a girl can dream of spring and birds and leaves and sun, right?


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