Destined for greatness


In 1985 I ran my first race.

It was at a Fourth of July picnic in one of the county parks. It couldn’t have been more than a 100 yard dash, perhaps even 50 yards. That distance seems longer to a four year old, but still.

I won the race. My prize was the doll you see me clutching ever so proudly. You could feed her a bottle and she would pee. It was magical.

Looking back I should have known I would be a runner. I will probably never win another race, but I hope to experience many more moments of great joy as I push myself to achieve what I once thought impossible. And years from now when I look back, I will be proud of all that I accomplished, and all the hard work that got me there.

“Success is not the result of spontaneous combustion. You have got to set your self on fire for it.”
– Anonymous


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  1. Awesome post and picture. Wow. You really were meant to do this. I was playing with my Barbies and being anything BUT an athlete in 1985:) It just took me a little longer to get here, I suppose.