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My Christmas present from my dad was a gift certificate to a local bike shop. I asked for this so I could get a professional bike fitting before starting to train for Ironman. I have always felt ok on my bike, but I was quite sure that my positioning was probably all wrong, thus making for quite the in-efficient ride. I also wanted to add some aerobars to my road bike to make it more suited for triathlon.

Given the beautiful weather we had today, I called and made an appointment for this afternoon so I could ride to the store. My “fitter” was Andrew. He hooked my bike up to a computrainer, and the fitting began. It was all a lot more high-tech than I expected, which was really cool. First he took my body measurements with a laser, which the computer used to give some guidelines of recommended bike measurements for my size.

Then I got on the bike and was video taped from two angles. From the video sample, Andrew was able to pause it with my legs in different positions, and from there he drew lines on the screen. First he drew a line from my hip to my knee, and then down to my foot. The computer gave him the angle, and he would make adjustments to the bike based on that.

The first thing I learned was that my bike frame really isn’t even the correct size for me. Andrew said if he was selling me a new bike (I wish) that he would recommend one size up. I always kind of suspected this, but the sales guy that sold me the bike said it was all good. Anything for the sale, right?

Luckily there were some adjustments that could compensate for this. He installed a longer handlebar stem, and also lowered it to create a faster riding position. He also moved the seat back and up slightly, and tipped the handlebars back. When I got back on the bike, it felt totally different. My center of gravity is now shifted forward, and my weight more evenly distributed.

Next up was the aerobars. I had some that were given to me, so I brought them to see if they would work out. Andrew said they were actually pretty nice, and though they were old, they had a lot of adjustability. He wanted to try them out so I could hopefully avoid buying new ones. When I tried them out, my body was way too far forward, and unfortunately there was no adjustment to move them back. So alas, a new set it was. He slapped the new babies on there, and I got on the bike again. He said everything looked pretty much perfect.

I am really happy that I went and did this, because not only was it super geeky-cool, but I think it will really help with my biking. Obviously I won’t be able to test it outdoors for a while (unless we get some more awesome weather like today), so back on the trainer she goes. At least I can get used to the new riding position for a while inside where there is no danger of falling and killing myself.

In other news, I pretty much trashed my running shoes by running outside on Saturday. It was beautifully warm, but everything was covered by impossible to avoid deep dirty puddles. It was time for a new pair anyways, so I started doing some research. I wasn’t entirely happy with my Asics Gel-Nimbus because they are a little clunky. So last night I went online and narrowed it down to four pairs that I wanted to try out. I ordered all of them from Zappos because they have free shipping and return shipping. It’s probably slightly unethical to order four pairs of shoes with the intention of sending three back, but whatever. I wanted to test them out in the comfort of my own home.

Now comes the part where I fall head over heels in love with Zappos. I ordered the shoes last night around 7pm. The free standard shipping is 4-7 days, so I was hoping to get them by the end of the week. This morning I checked my email, and there was one from Zappos saying that they have upgraded my shipping method at no extra charge. Score! I tracked the package, and saw it was already out for delivery in Milwaukee. What?!? That’s right. I ordered the shoes at 7:00 last night, and at 1:30 this afternoon they showed up on my doorstep. How’s that for customer service?

Now the hard part. I really like 3 of the pairs. I am wearing 2 different pairs right now, one on each foot, trying to determine which is the most comfortable.

Option A: Brooks Glycerin 7

So far I think these are winning for comfort, but they are by far the ugliest. They are also the most expensive by about $25.

Option B: Mizuno Wave Rider 12

I like the looks of these the best. The red in the picture is actually kind of pink. They are really comfortable, and the second most expensive.

Option C: Saucony ProGrid Ride

These are the least expensive, and have a very similar feel to the Mizunos.

So what is a girl to do? They are all comfortable, and they all fit well. Short of actually running with each of them on a treadmill for a while, I don’t know how else to decide. Also, I realize that many running shoes are ugly, and we tend to sacrifice style for comfort, but the Brooks are really ugly. And expensive. But comfortable. I think I need to sleep on it.


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  1. Wow, the bike fitting sounds freaking awesome! I love stuff like that [ie analyzing people walking for a living = me, sort of]. Very cool!

    And I’m surprised you aren’t more ‘brand loyal’ to running shoes as it seems like everyone else is crazy about a certain brand. For instance, I’m crazy about Asics and wouldn’t think of trying anything else because I’m superstitious like that.

    If I were you I’d pic the Mizunos because they aren’t the most expensive and aren’t the ugliest [I actually don’t think the Brooks are too bad, though]. How fun!

    I ran tonight after work and hit those same muddy puddles. Disgusting! My shoes got a bath in the sink afterwards so we’ll see if that works…