Weekend Recap

Mother nature, you are such a slutty whore. You bring us temperatures reaching 60 degrees with actual sun at the end of the week, and you piss all over us ALL weekend. WTF? I think you need an attitude adjustment, and you need it now. A little bitch-slap perhaps? We want spring for crying out loud!

Ok, now that that’s out of my system…

I had to do my long run on the treadmill Saturday once again due to the miserable pouring rain. Luckily this was somewhat of a “rest” week, so it was only 13 miles. I wanted to run at race pace this week just to get the legs moving a little faster. What is race pace? I’m not exactly sure. My goal for the Wisconsin Marathon in May is to PR. I went into the Chicago Marathon last October with no goal, and I was pissed at myself because I know I could have run faster. My current PR is 3:57:03 at the 2006 Lakefront Marathon. Out of 7 marathons, that is the only one in which I broke 4 hours.

I was thinking I would be really happy if I could hold an 8:45 pace and run a 3:50. Then I had two really fast runs last week, and now I am wondering what might be possible. Last Thursday in the warm weather I cranked out a 10-miler in 1:23, or about 8:20 pace. I was in shock when I looked at my Garmin at the end. I was working hard, but not killing myself, and I felt really good. Then my 13 miler on the treadmill ended up just under 1:50, or about 8:26 pace. Had I been running an actual half-marathon, I would have PR’d. Now we all know that anything can happen during the second half of a marathon, but I am really encouraged by my training lately. One thing I will say without a doubt, my weekly speed-work sessions on the treadmill are definitely paying off.

Speaking of training, Ironman training officially begins next Monday. I am taking this week to enjoy my last few days of not swimming. Next Monday I have a date with the pool at the Northside YMCA. Blech. I need to find a way to like swimming. Any ideas?

Back to the weekend. My brother is on an assignment in Michigan, so he drove in for the weekend. Saturday we celebrated my dad’s birthday, and Sunday we had a big family gathering at my mom’s house for lunch. We don’t get to see Mike very often, so when he visits, we tend to have big parties. I didn’t snap any pictures this weekend, so I give you a gem of a photo of us circa 1985:


Cute, no?

After the big lunch yesterday, Steve and I headed home and took up residence on the couch. We napped and watched movies on and off for the rest of the day/night. Something about the gray sky/freezing rain-turned-snow just makes you want to do that sometimes. On the bright side, we set the clocks forward and it will be light out one hour later. This makes me happy, and reassures me that someday we will see spring.

Hear that Mother Nature??



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2 responses to “Weekend Recap

  1. Seriously, your pace is amazing. I cannot fathom running that fast. I hope to break a 4 hour marathon some day but it seems impossible. You are a badass….remember that.

    Also, I don’t get it…how do you and Sierra know each other? Not just through blogging? Confused. 🙂

  2. Mom

    Love the picture! Can’t complain about the weather this weekend! Great to be out raking and cleaning up the yard.