One week

It is one week until the Wisconsin Marathon. I am still feeling pretty confident, but I am also starting to feel slightly nervous. I know I have put in the training and I am ready, but I still have those nagging thoughts of “Can I do this? Did I do enough to prepare? Can I really hold my pace for 26.2 miles?” It’s the usual second-guessing that is inevitable as you taper down the mileage and the race closes in.

Right now the forecast for next Saturday says 58 degrees and partly cloudy. Perfect. Lets just hope that it is not cold and stormy like today. Incredibly, my 10 miler this morning could not have been timed more perfectly. As I ran into the parking lot of Lake Park Bistro and back to my car, I could see the storm clouds. I stopped to talk to a fellow runner in the parking lot, and about 30 seconds later the wind shifted and it dropped about 15-20 degrees in a matter of seconds. Then as I got in the car it started pouring. I was so glad I finished just in time.

My goal for this week is to take it really easy on my legs, and to eat really well. I usually do eat pretty healthy, but lately I can really feel the effects if I don’t. I’ve noticed that if I eat crappy at night, I feel crappy running the next day. I want to make sure I am properly nutritionalized (I just made that up) so I can give myself the best chance of running a great race.

And now, I plan to lay around for the rest of this rainy day watching movies and perhaps having a Weeds Season 4 marathon. I just learned that season 5 starts in June, so I must be prepared.


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  1. wow, one week! tapering always messes with my mind, too. You will kick major A though!