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14 hours until the start of the Inaugural WI Marathon. The 7am start time means a 4am alarm clock for this girl. Youch. I went down to the Kenosha Radisson earlier today to pick up my race number and goodie bag, and attended the smallest race expo I have ever seen. Here I am after picking up my stuff:

Sorry about the terrible pic, it’s a funny story. I remembered to bring my camera along to capture photographic evidence for the blog, and I whipped it out right as we were leaving the expo. I go to turn it on, and….nothing. Did the battery die? Nope. There was no battery. Oops. So this gem was hastily taken on my cell phone.

The race shirts are pretty sweet technical tees from Saucony (LOVE the back):


But they are not as cool as the shirts a friend of mine had made up for us:


Oh how I love a cheesy pun! I don’t know if I’ll wear it during the race because it is cotton and I am all about the technical fabrics in the name of not chafing. But you better believe I will be sporting this baby before and after the race for some group photo action.

On to my goals for the race. As I have said before, I hope to PR in this race. I have trained really hard, and I feel confident that it will happen. My current PR is 3:57:03, set at the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in 2006. It’s been three years, it’s time. On a perfect day, I think I could potentially beat this by minutes. That is if everything were to fall into place and nothing goes wrong. As all runners know, things rarely go exactly as planned, and you can never predict what will happen beyond mile 20.

My plan is to start the first mile pretty slow, probably around 9 minutes or a little over. From there I will try to pick it up to 8:45’s and hold. If I am feeling really strong, I will pick it up a little more and try to bank some minutes for later in the race when I will inevitably slow down a bit.

I am feeling excited and nervous, which normally doesn’t happen to me until right before the race. I think part of the nerves come from the fact that I have trained so hard for this, with a purpose and a goal. The last marathon I ran was “just for fun,” where I ran with a friend with no particular goal in mind. I am done with that. I decided that if I am going to keep doing this, I want to get better, get faster. Of course I still want to have fun, but putting in the training to run 26.2 miles just for the heck of it is not that fun. I want it bad this time, and I am nervous about how I will feel if I don’t make it.

With that, it’s time to get back to resting, hydrating, and organizing all of my gear for tomorrow. Then it will be a dinner of chicken and pasta, and of course ice cream for dessert. (I swear one day I will break that habit). Then it’s off to bed early to hopefully get some sleep before 4am rolls around. I’ll be back tomorrow with my results!



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3 responses to “T minus

  1. Good luck Laura! Kick that marathon’s butt!

    I love the shirts you made!

    Thanks again for your comment on my recent post. I’m sure I’ll have a lot of questions for you.

    I can’t wait to hear how you did this morning. 🙂

  2. ACK! Good luck, Laura!!!

    I love the shirts because they are the perfect ‘Wisconsin’ attire. I didn’t know you included ice cream in your pre-run meal but then again, what a perfect food before the WI marathon.

    I bet you kick major ass and bring home a PR that will make us all extremely inspired and envious. Go get em! I’ll pray for perfect weather.