Moving forward

Well I can’t leave my big downer marathon post on the top of the page. I am mentally recovered now, and in a much better place. I am proud of my PR, even though I know I could have done better. Here’s the thing: we can always do better. Whether I smashed my PR or beat it by a measly 30 seconds, there is always room for improvement. I can only move forward from here and set new goals for myself. Warning – this post may be a little random.

For two days following the marathon I debated signing up for the Green Bay Marathon on the 17th. I wanted revenge, redemption, whatever. I wanted my 3:50. Three days after the marathon I came to my senses. It was it a terrible idea. Not only would it have been for the wrong reasons, but I probably would not have even been recovered enough to even run fast. I would have run a terrible race, beat myself up about it, and gone into Ironman training with a negative attitude. No thanks.

I am still sick, mostly in my sinuses. I have been waking up in the morning with a pounding headache and ear pain. Hopefully it is not a sinus infection. I don’t feel terrible any more during the day, so that’s good. I know I said I wasn’t going to run this week, but it was so nice out after work today I just wanted to get out there. I set out for a 5 miler, and 15 minutes in it started raining. I love running in the rain (when it is warm out). My legs felt pretty good, though I could feel some stinging in my quads towards the end.

What I do not love – gnats. There are massive swarms of gnats all around the lakefront. They attack without warning and usually when your mouth is open. Yum! And they end up in places. When I got home, the little buggers were plastered to my face, under my shirt, and even in my sports bra. Delightful.

I wish I never had to hear Brett Favre’s name in the news again. Pathetic dickhole.

I am obsessed with going on a Caribbean cruise later this year (like November), even though there is no way we can possibly afford it. I found a really good deal on a balcony cabin, and lord knows I love a good deal. The problem comes in when the great deal still involves dropping a couple grand. But oh how I long for the beach, the sun, coconuts, pineapples, palm trees, and rum drinks. I get a little giddy just thinking about it.

That is all, carry on…


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  1. I’m glad you sobered up from the marathon! Isn’t it odd how time changes things?

    Also, Brett is such a freaking pansy. I was over him from the start but this is just plain ridiculous.

    And a cruise?? Sigh.