And so it begins

The marathon is behind me, and I had a full week of recovery in which I did absolutely nothing training-wise, save one 5 mile run in the rain. I was feeling disheartened and unmotivated, which was a bit worrisome.

This week, a switch has been flipped in my brain. It is time to train for Ironman. I am motivated, and I have realized that none of the workouts on the training plan are optional. I just need to get it done. If that means riding on the bike trainer at 9pm, then so be it. Swimming on a Saturday? Suck it up. Weightlifting? Bring it.

Today was the first of many double workout days. I was in the pool by 7am for a 1hr 15min swim that almost made my arms fall off. That was immediately followed by a 60 min run. I was drained at the beginning of the run, but by the time a got a few miles in I was feeling good. It felt great to finish the workout.

My body is sore in a good way. I did some lower body strength training yesterday for the first time in a year. My shoulders and arms are tight from swimming, but just enough that stretching them feels a little bit like heaven. This will be a long four months, and there will be lots of ups and downs both mentally and physically, but I am ready for it. Mark my words.


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