Opportunity knocks

I got a job offer last week, and will be starting my new job tomorrow. I will be doing office work at a small physical therapy clinic (one doctor). Here’s the cool part. This doctor is totally on board with me eventually getting trained in some area of wellness, think personal training, massage therapy, PT assistant, etc. It is an opportunity for me to figure out what I am passionate about and turn it into a career that I love. It is an opportunity for her to eventually add services to her practice. Win, win.

I will still be doing freelance video work on the side, because let’s face it, office work does not pay that much. But I am grateful for this opportunity and excited to see where it leads me.



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2 responses to “Opportunity knocks

  1. Awesome, congrats, Laura! Is the clinic owned by an MD or PT? Just curious. You should totally get into wellness/healthcare. You ever think of going to grad school for PT? Just three more years….:)

  2. Congrats! 🙂