End of May update

Wow, things have been a little crazy the past couple of weeks. No, I didn’t fall off the face of the earth. I have just been ridiculously busy. Between a new full time job, two video side projects, and training 11+ hours per week, there hasn’t been much time for the blog.

The job – I really like it so far. I do not like the 30 minute each way commute, but I knew that would suck going into it. My day was made on Friday when I stopped at the one place on my way to work that looked like they may deal in coffee. Imagine my delight when upon further inspection, I discovered that not only does this little cafe have a drive through, but they serve Alterra coffee! And they have a punch card. Jackpot!

Side projects – Yuck. I have one really crappy one on my plate that needs to get done today. On a Sunday. And it is sunny outside. Boo!

Training – It’s going well. I haven’t missed a single workout since I started officially training for Ironman. That means I have completed 1-2 workouts per day every day since May 10th. After my long bike ride today, I am headed into a taper week. The schedule I am following consists of a three week build, and then a one week taper, and then repeat. Taper weeks also come with one day off, so this coming Friday I have a rest day. Weird. I have gotten used to waking up between 5 and 6 so I can work out before work, and I am much less tired than I thought I would be. I guess my body is just getting used to it.

That’s all I got. Hopefully once things calm down a bit with my side projects I will have time for more updates. And with that, it is just about June. Are you listening mother nature? JUNE. I expect temperatures at least in the 70’s from now on. Thanks in advance.



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2 responses to “End of May update

  1. damn girl, that is a lot of training! and yes, June better bring consistent warmth or I’ll be pissy.

  2. you’re such a great motivation to me. thanks!

    Happy to hear everything is well with you.