We came, we stormed

One of my favorite local runs every year is the Storm the Bastille 5k, kicking off the 4-day Bastille Days festival downtown. The run starts at 9pm, which always makes for beautiful conditions. Last night I went and met up with a bunch of runners, including my brother who was running in his first ever 5k. Before the run he said he was going to try and keep up with me, and I was skeptical. He barely ever runs, but by the time the race started he was so pumped that he was talking about training for a marathon. Woah Mike, one step at a time.

The start was very crowded as usual, so it took us a while to get any speed going. I hopped onto the sidewalk to start passing people, and assumed I had left everyone else behind. A minute or two later, I heard “hey sis,” over my shoulder. Mike was still with me. We picked up the pace and ran together. About half way through he was breathing pretty hard. I asked if he was ok, and he just said “gotta do it.” We slowed slightly and pressed on. I decided at this point that I would not take off on him, I wanted us to finish together. The last mile is a gradual uphill, and he was definitely struggling, but he dug deep and held on all the way to the finish. We ended up crossing the line in 22:56, for a 7:24 average pace! I was so impressed and proud of my little bro. Here he is shortly after the big finish, clearly on a runner’s high:

A few minutes later my new sister-in-law Omoleye met up with us, she also had a great run. Here’s a crappy camera phone pic of the three of us:

And yes, I did say new sister-in-law! They tied the knot in DC a couple of weeks ago, and are planning a wedding celebration for family and friends next summer. They had photographer Abby Jiu meet them for breakfast the morning of, and captured some great shots, shown here. I get to hang out with them for a couple more days before they head back to DC.

After the run, I just need to mention that I ate the most amazing crepe at Bastille Days. It was stuffed full of mint chocolate chip ice cream and smothered in chocolate sauce. My friend Cammie got one stuffed with vanilla ice cream and covered in strawberry sauce, which was almost equally delicious. I may have to go back to Bastille days just to try another flavor. So good.

Now I am gearing up for another fun-filled weekend full of running, boating, eating out, biking, and likely more boating. Man I love summer.


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  1. holy hell you are a speed demon. you are my idol!