Well, now my Spirit of Racine finishing time makes more sense. I re-checked the results today, and low and behold, I had a big fat 4 minute penalty next to my name. I wish it said what exactly it was for, but I am quite certain it must have been a drafting or blocking violation on the bike. (Or something like that). Though I didn’t intentionally break the rules, I can’t argue with the race officials and what they saw. So here are my official times:

Swim: 31:10

T1: 3:04

Bike: 3:01:49

T2: 2:02

Run: 1:56:23

Penalty: 4:00

Total: 5:38:26

Darn it. It would have been cool to officially break 5:35, but oh well. I guess I’ll have to be more careful next time.


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One response to “Penalized

  1. Wow, I knew that there were rules about drafting and such, but I had always wondered how they were enforced. I never really realized that there were judges watching you throughout the course.

    Sorry to hear it, but you still did great, despite the penalty!