2010 Miller Ride for the Arts

Yesterday Steve and I (along with my uncle Mike and friend James) participated in the Miller Lite Ride for the Arts, a 75 mile bike ride starting and finishing in Milwaukee at the Summerfest grounds. I was slightly concerned with the weather forecast and possible rain, as last year for this ride it was 55 degrees, windy, and rainy. In other words, not fun.

We really lucked out and it was a beautiful day. It started with a 5:30 wake up call, though I was actually awake before the alarm even went off. I got up, had coffee and some pb toast, and we loaded up the bikes on our brand new Thule bike rack. It looks like this and it is the bomb.

The whole kit’n’kaboodle swings away with the bikes on so we can still access the back of the car. Cool, huh?

Back to the ride. We arrived at Summerfest around 6:45, found a parking spot near my uncle, and rode over to the start. Since we were a bit late, we were way towards the back, which made for a very slow first 5 miles or so. As we headed north on Lake Dr, we found a better rhythm, but we were still passing people for quite a while. The ride took us north to Port Washington (about 30 miles), where we stopped at the “Oasis Station” to refuel.

I had  packet of Luna Moons, half a banana, and half of some sort of chocolate chip energy bar. Then we got back on our bikes and kept heading north. A lot of this portion of the ride is on the Ozaukee Co Interurban Trail, which is really nice. We didn’t stop again for the rest of the ride, and before I knew it we were back in Shorewood and almost finished.

During almost every long bike ride, this is the point were I just want it to be over. I am usually tired, stiff, bored, and starving. I was pretty hungry, but amazingly I felt great and didn’t really want the ride to end! A few miles later we were back at Summerfest. My bike computer says we did about 77 miles total in 4 hrs 22 min. Pretty good!

We loaded the bikes back up and headed into the Summerfest grounds for a cold post-ride beer.

After this we headed over to Water Buffalo for some lunch out on the patio. All in all a great day!

Tonight I am going way out of my comfort zone. I signed up for an open water swim practice at Pewaukee Beach, which will be every Monday night all summer long. My swimming could use all the help it can get, and I think it will be a nice fun change from the pool. I am pretty nervous though. What if everyone else is super-fast? I’m sure it will be fine and hopefully I’ll meet some fun people too!


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