Oh yeah…

So I’m running a marathon this Saturday. To be more specific, I am running the Keyes Peak Trail Marathon in Florence, WI.

It was kind of last minute, but I found out about the race, and Steve and I decided to head up north for our anniversary weekend. I am running the marathon and he is running the 10k. I have never run that far on trails before, so it is sure to be quite the challenge. I am not nervous though, I am doing this for pure enjoyment, with no pressure to go fast at all. I am sure I will be walking some of it, especially if it is really hilly. I know the course will be really beautiful, so I am trying to devise a way to carry my camera, but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.

My longest run since the marathon on May 1st was this past Friday, when I ran 11.5 miles on the Ice Age Trail in 90 degree heat and humidity. I really did a number on myself by not carrying enough water, and ended up super-dehydrated and sore. Now I am just taking it very easy until Saturday and trying to rest my poor muscles.

It didn’t help that this past Saturday and Sunday I was pretty much sitting all day and didn’t get any change to excercise or move around to flush out my legs. I was attending a course in Green Bay to become a certified running coach. Now I just have to pass the test and you can call me Coach Laura!


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