And it begins again

Steve and I have officially registered for Ironman WI 2011.


This past weekend I was quite the spectathlete. On Saturday Steve participated in his first half-ironman in Lake Geneva, and I was there to cheer him on. Though the weather was less than stellar (cold & rainy), he did a great job and finished with a smile on his face. Here he is just about to cross the finish line:

And showing off his bling:

I am so proud of him for how far he has come! From basically no exercise whatsoever to a 70.3 mile race in less than a year. Amazing!

On Sunday we headed out to Madison to watch some of Ironman WI and soak up the energy. I was able to see several people I know on the run, which was great! We hung out mostly on State St and cheered for the runners, then headed to the finish line for a bit. I got pumped up big time for 2011.

Monday was the day to register for next year, and it was a serious mess. The online registration got so bogged down that we kept getting all kinds of errors. After a phone call to the credit card company to verify that our card was charged (ouch!)ย and a call to, our registration was confirmed. Man, they need to come up with a better system.

This year has been the year of running for me. I didn’t have the motivation for biking, I just wanted to run run run. So rather than drudge through training for a half-ironman, I simply decided not to. I was worried that I really wouldn’t want to train for Ironman next year, but after being in Madison and feeling the race energy, I am ready.

My year of the run will culminate this Saturday, as I take on the North Face Endurance Challenge 50k. That’s 31 miles of trail running, and I can’t wait to be out there! I also have a few ideas for the old blog, so stay tuned…



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3 responses to “And it begins again

  1. AH! YOU’RE SIGNED UP?? So exciting. I should’ve just pulled the trigger and done it. It was my original plan for 2011, but when it came down to it, I didn’t have the money and just wasn’t sure I was ready for the commitment. I keep saying 2012 will be my year, but I don’t know… I keep questioning whether I have the motivation and ability to do it. Plus everyone I know is doing 2011, I’ll be alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Yep the hubby and I are both registered! Ahh, you should have! I can understand though, it’s a huge commitment (both training-wise and financially). Please don’t question your ability, you can definately do it! And I’m sure there will be plenty of people going for it again in 2012. You will do it and you will not be alone! ๐Ÿ™‚

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