Happy New Year!

We are not fans of going out to a restaurant or bar on New Year’s Eve. Between the crowds, obscene cover charges, and obnoxious drunks, I would much rather spend a not so quiet evening with my family. This year Steve and I attended the best slumber party ever at my aunt and uncle’s house. My huge extended family was all there, and we partied the night away. Like the wild animals we are, the night started off with the last Scrabble game of 2010.

The ladies in my family are Scrabble people. Not a get-together goes by without a game or two (often two at the same time) being played. I only agree to play if I am on a team with someone else because I do not have the attention span required to last through a game solo.

My brother and sister-in-law were in town from Philly. Aren’t they cute?

No, he doesn’t always rock the faux-hawk like that. Apparently we are only that lucky on NYE.

My family is also known to bust out with a mean dance party, no special occasion required. This is what Lady Gaga does to me.

I only had two glasses of wine. My brother and I are dancing machines.

As is my aunt Beth, who may have had more than two glasses of wine.

We did manage to take one nice normal picture to commemorate the start of the new year.

The dance party wrapped up around 2:30am, and I hit the hay air mattress. You may think the party was over at this point, but really only until breakfast. My grandma conveniently lives right next door, and upon waking this morning, all I had to do to get some monkey bread was walk across the lawn.

In case you were wondering, I once took down half of one of these babies by myself. Yes, I felt slightly ill afterwards, but I’m sure it was worth it. Nothing can beat the outer edge of cinnamon sugar buttery goodness.

After breakfast, it was obviously time to partake in the first Scrabble game of 2011. No sense in wasting any time. My team won, by the way.

I will not be working out today and can only hope to find the motivation to get my Christmas tree/decorations taken down.

Happy 2011!



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2 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. Mike Wolf

    Great pictures Laura. Was so great you and Steve finally made it to the new years party.

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