Sunday run-day

Two days ago it was 51 degrees. I ran in capris on the last day of 2010. This second day of 2011, it is 14 degrees and blustery. Here is what I wore:


Tights, running pants, base layer shirt, fleece, running jacket, 2 pairs gloves, fleece neck warmer, hat. It took me almost as long to get dressed as it did to run 5 miles.

I had to run pretty easy today because my calves are sore from NYE dance party 2010. I am having flashbacks to my brother’s wedding over the summer when this happened:

I jumped up jumped up and got down more than Kriss Kross, and literally could barely walk for four days because my calves were so sore.

After my chilly run I came home and made this:

Pumpkin oats topped with PB & Co White Chocolate Wonderful peanut butter, homemade cranberry sauce, and Annie’s chocolate graham bunnies.

Steve and I are getting massages at noon, and then I plan on being as lazy as possible for the rest of the day.

What is your favorite oatmeal toppings?

Mine are peanut butter, craisins, cereal, maple syrup and nuts.


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  1. omols

    I made steel cut oats for breakfast today and had them with almond milk, walnuts, brown sugar, and flax meal!