Powder day!

First of all, I am blogging challenged and just realized that some of your comments were going into my spam folder. Darn wordpress. All comments should be showing up now and I promise to figure out how this whole thing works soon.

So once I was awake for two hours and it finally got light out this morning, I looked out the window to see this:


Powder day! When we arrived yesterday, there was absolutely no snow on the ground or on the roof tops. By this morning there were already several inches on the ground and it showed no signs of stopping. I had coffee, contemplated a workout, and then decided to skip straight to breakfast. I knew I shouldn’t run because of my knee, and the workout “facility” here is quite sparse. I figured I would get my exercise on the mountain today.

Let’s talk breakfast. I tried making my oatmeal with the Silk PureCoconut Milk, and it was magical.

I topped it with bananas, blueberries, OOC Chocolate Granola, and half of a pb packet. It was so tropical tasting and creamy, there is a 98% chance this will be a repeat tomorrow morning. We got off to a slightly late start this morning because we had to buy our lift tickets, and Steve needed to buy a new hat. We finally boarded the gondola up the mountain around 10:30-11:00.

I love taking the gondola because it is warmer than the lift chair, and I know this makes me a wimp. Since I skipped my workout this morning and I am crazy, I suggested that our first run of the trip be “Long Shot,” named so because after you hike up to it, it is a full 5 miles to get down, all through the trees and powder. Luckily Steve and his mom are also crazy, so up we went. It’s about a 10 min hike to get up there, and you better believe the lack of oxygen had my heart pumpin’. From the top:

Please don’t be jealous of my uni-bomber mask. I know it looks hot. Like I said, wuss in the cold.

Action shot of Steve:

As you can imagine, it took us quite a while to make our way down through the powder, and by the time we hit bottom, we were hungry for a snack. I had a bowl of 3-Bean soup which was good, but seriously overpriced. There was apparently also condensation in my camera from the cold.

We headed back out into the snow, and I was on a mission for one thing and one thing only. That would be the most incredible chocolate chip cookie known to man. You see, there is a place on top of one of the mountains at Snowmass called Up-4-Pizza. Until last year, I had never been inside the place, but someone told us about the cookie. One taste and I was done for. It is something about the combination of their amazing cookie dough, baking it in the pizza oven, and the high altitude. Words cannot describe.

The outside is crispy yet chewy, and the inside is gooey and melted. It cannot be re-created at a lower altitude. It costs $4 and is worth every penny. I had it with a chocolate milk, obviously. Before the trip I vowed to limit myself to 3 of these babies throughout the week, but after the first bite I took it back. I will get one every day if I can.

After this it was getting really cold out, so we pretty much just headed down. We met up with Steve’s brother Jason at a bar to watch the end of the Packer game (yeah Pack!). I enjoyed a hot apple cider spiked with spiced rum. It was just what I needed to warm up.

After purchasing a pecan carmel apple we headed back to the condo and proceeded to wrinkle in the hot tub for an hour and forty-five minutes. Woops! I just finished a salad full of leftover roasted veggies, and I see some chocolate chip banana bread with ice cream in my near future. It is supposed to be frigid cold tomorrow, so I think I am going to take my sweet time in the morning lollygagging and perhaps getting in a workout before I have to face the cold. Only the chocolate chip cookie can possibly be enough motivation to get me on a lift chair.

Question: Do you ski? Snowboard? Do you have a temperature limit to participate in outdoor activities?

I snowboard, but have never tried skiing in my life. Like I said, I hate being cold, and I am much more likely to want to run in the frigid temps than anything else. Tomorrow will be pushing the limits of my tolerance, but I already bought hand warmers, so I will give it a try and see how much I can take.



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  1. Gah! Your trip looked AMAZING. That is all. 🙂

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