Running at altitude

I slept in this morning until almost 7am, which was a miracle. Here is the view from the condo today:

A little bit different from yesterday’s snowy white out. I immediately put on my workout clothes when I woke up, so I would have no excuse not to get my sweat on. After two cups of coffee, I headed down to the “gym.”

I decided to do a run/walk hill workout on the treadmill, while pretending I was running here:

After approximately 90 seconds I had to ditch the magazine and thought I was going to break the rickety treadmill. It was wobbling like crazy, and I pictured the whole thing collapsing into a heap of parts.

The condo is at just over 8000 ft elevation, and I could definitely feel it. I knew from running out here last year that anything close to my normal pace would be out of the question. A local told us that it can take up to three months for your body to produce the extra pint of red blood cells needed to completely acclimate to the lack of oxygen. For the first 10 minutes I alternated running with walking, but I got so bored I just speeded up to a jog for the last 20 minutes. The incline changes at least made it a bit of a challenge, and I managed to sweat a little bit by the time I was done.

After the treadmill, I did about 15 minutes of stretching, core, and working on my gun show.

That photo is a total lie. Those dumbbells are the metal kind, and they were completely frozen from sitting next to the window. Right after this picture I had to put them down and abandon my grand plans of pumping some serious iron. That’s another lie. I had no such plans and I hate weightlifting.

After I was done, I came back up to the condo and took a shower re-applied deodorant. Breakfast was an exact repeat of yesterday’s oatmeal, except I subbed a piece of chocolate chip banana bread for the chocolate granola. ‘Twas delicious.

Now I am waiting for Steve to get his run on, which may not take to long if he breaks the treadmill. Today’s high temperature is 7 degrees, so I am not in too much of a hurry to get out on the mountain. At least it’s sunny!



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3 responses to “Running at altitude

  1. Oh man freezing cold dumbbells are the worst! At least you got a good workout with skiing.

  2. Mom

    The email notification is working. Hope you had another good day. I would imagine it ended in the hot tub!