Minus seventeen

I slept in until 7:49 this morning. Who am I?!?

View from the condo:

Looks sunny and beautiful, right? Well looks can be deceiving.

Uh, no thank you. At least it is supposed to reach 1 degree by 11am. The rest of the week is only looking up temperature wise though.

Despite the extreme cold yesterday, it ended up being a really fun day. Steve lasted 10 minutes on the rickety treadmill before declaring it a death trap. He said that he could set the speed to 5 mph, hold on to the hand rails, and put his foot down and actually stop the belt. Not the safest situation.

By the time we picked up our boards from being waxed overnight, it was already time to meet Steve’s mom and brother for lunch. We met at a restaurant on top of the mountain with beautiful views. I wasn’t too hungry yet, so I ordered a tasty field greens salad with chili pecans on top.

I have no pictures of us boarding because it was literally zero degrees and there was no way I was taking my hand out of my mitten to snap a photo. It was so cold that the snow was actually sticky. Don’t worry, I did get up top and partake in another one of the most incredible chocolate chip cookies known to man. Again, words cannot describe.

It was a big bummer last night when we got all dressed in our swimsuits, only to walk down in the freezing cold to discover that the hot tub was closed. I had to settle for a scalding hot shower instead. It seems they are working on it now, so fingers crossed it will be open for us tonight. We’re gonna need some heat!

Last night was pasta night at the condo. My mother-in-law and I cooked in special hats.

That’s not weird is it?

I had some roasted veggie salad with hummus and salsa (no, I never get sick of it), pasta with marinara, and a hunk of warm bread.

After dinner we had a Top Chef All Stars marathon, and I enjoyed the rest of my pecan carmel apple for dessert.

I’m not planning to work out this morning, so I think I’ll chill out with a book until the temperature is bearable to head out on the mountain. It’s gonna be a hot chocolate kind of day.

Question: What is your favorite kind of cookie?

My mom has a recipe for Ranger Cookies that came from the newspaper long, long ago. They have chocolate chips, oatmeal, rice krispies, and coconut, and they are so good! I get requests for them all the time from my friends.


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  1. Anything with white chocolate chips!! That is the most gorgeous view from your condo and great job on sleeping in:) Us grandma’s need that once in a while ha! Salsa and humus on veggies is my fave!! that salad looks amazing. Be careful on that treadmill. Have a great day!