View from the top

Steve and I were the only ones that decided to brave the cold yesterday, and I am so glad we did! It was sunny and beautiful, and by the time we got out around noon, the temperature wasn’t too bad. We decided to start by hiking back up to Long Shot, because the views on a sunny day are gorgeous. Here’s the start of the hike:

Once we reached the top, we were rewarded with this:

Snow covered mountains as far as the eye can see. I am so haaaappppppyyyyyy!!!!

Isn’t that picture awesome? I look like I got some serious vertical, when in reality I’m pretty sure I was about 4 inches off the ground.

I tried to get some action shots on this run, but of course my camera battery died. By the time we finished Long Shot and one other run, it was time for a late lunch. We checked out a new restaurant in the Snowmass Base Village called Base Camp. Though the service was not so great, the food was delicious. I had a quinoa and roasted veggie wrap that was to die for. The quinoa was tossed in some sort of lemon-cumin vinaigrette that must be recreated at home. I had a side of sweet potato fries with pineapple-banana catsup. Also delicious. I cleaned my plate down to the last crumb. I remembered to snap a photo with Steve’s phone camera after I had already inhaled half of my plate.

After lunch we only had time for a few more runs, and then it was time to head in. The hot tub was open (thank goodness or Steve would have been crackin’ skulls), so we soaked for about 90 mins.

My wrap from lunch was so filling that even 6 hours later, I wasn’t hungry for dinner. What was I to do? Duh, skip straight to dessert! My mother-in-law made apple crisp that was so good.


I just survived 30 minutes on the death trap of a treadmill. My knee was acting up, probably from all of the snowboarding. I think I am going to skip running for the rest of the week in hopes that it is good to go when I get home.

The plan for today is to head out early and have breakfast on the mountain. My favorite way to start the day!



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2 responses to “View from the top

  1. Mom

    Beautiful pictures! Glad to see you’re not going hungry!

  2. janedwellable

    Hi Laura,
    My name is Jane and I’m with Dwellable.
    I was looking for blogs about Base Village to share on our site and I came across your post…If you’re open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
    Hope to hear from you 🙂