More from the mountain

Are you sick of all of my beautiful mountain photos yet?

I can never get over how beautiful it is out here on a sunny day.

Wednesday morning started with breakfast up on the mountain. My favorite meal of the day!

I had the fresh fruit and granola yogurt parfait, which was exactly what I was craving. Tons of fresh fruit, and their granola is outstanding. This gave me plenty of energy to hold me over until the afternoon cookie stop.

I’m not sure why the brothers are touching each other inappropriately here. It’s par for the course with those two.

Wednesday was also my brother-in-law’s birthday. The big 3-0! We went out to dinner at a mexican restaurant to celebrate, and then headed to the local drinking establishment to celebrate more. Having had my 30th birthday just a few months ago, I could feel for him. Me and J:

Me and Steve:

After our late night, we didn’t get out on the mountain until yesterday afternoon. I didn’t even post because it was honestly more of the same.

Notably though, I ate two giant cookies for lunch. We got to Up-4-Pizza, and I had to wait for the batch of cookies to come hot out of the oven. I got a chocolate chunk right away, and it was so good I went straight back and got one of the white chocolate macadamias. Heaven.

Today is our last snowboarding day, and tomorrow we fly home!


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