2011 Samson Stomp 5k

A little over a year ago, Steve started running. He decided he wanted to do triathlons, and knew that running would be his biggest challenge. He never liked it, and didn’t know if he would be good at it. Last January, I asked him to run a 5k with me, the Samson Stomp at the Milwaukee County Zoo. He was very negative about the whole thing, not the reaction I was hoping for. He told me he didn’t think he could run 3 miles and didn’t want to do the race. I encouraged him to just do it anyways, telling him I would run with him. If he needed to walk, we would walk, but I knew he could make it 3.1 miles.

And he did. We ran/walked our way to the finish, and I’m pretty sure it took us over 40 minutes. But guess what? Steve had fun! I knew it was just a matter of getting him to his first race so he could experience how great it is.

This year, he wanted to do the same race again, and it’s unbelievable how far he has come. Pre-race:

I told him I would run with him again, and I let him set the pace. It was cold, about 10 degrees, and I couldn’t feel my face. Half way through, neither of us were feeling too hot. Note to self: Papa John’s pizza, beer, and two bowls of chocolate ice cream is not the best pre-race meal. After traveling home from Colorado yesterday, we were tired, starving and faced with an empty fridge, so pizza it was!


Despite the stomach issues, we crossed the line in 24:54. What an improvement in just a year! It wasn’t a 5k PR for Steve, but it shows just how far he has come. I think we are going to make the Samson Stomp our annual “run together” race. Isn’t that cute?

Back to reality tomorrow. Am I the only one that has a really really hard time with the idea of going back to work after a week’s vacation? Didn’t think so.

Question: Do you run/work out with your significant other?



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2 responses to “2011 Samson Stomp 5k

  1. Love all the pics!

    You guys are much braver than us. Though we do follow better habits in the summer and do a 3.5 mile walk a few times a week.

  2. Love it. It’s fun that you two will have an annual race.