Super bowl here we come!

What happened to the weekend? I am trying to figure out how it is Monday morning already. My weekend was pretty jam-packed, thus the lack of posting. Saturday morning I did my first of two weekend runs in the frigid cold. When I left the house the weather said this:

It was the “feels like -5” that had me worried. I piled on the layers and ended up slightly over-dressed, but I’d rather be too warm than too cold any day. I ended up having a very pleasant and relaxed 12 mile run over a fresh layer of snow. I used to get down on myself during long winter runs when I didn’t feel my pace was up to par. Now I just roll with it. For example, my normal long run pace is usually somewhere in the 8:15-8:45/mile range. Saturday it was 9:00/mile exactly. I have come to realize that running outside in the winter is just about getting the miles in, not about going fast. How can you expect to run the same pace when you are bundled up in about 14 pounds of extra clothing and navigating ice and snow as you do in the summer where you throw on shorts, a tank, and shoes and fly out the door?

The rest of Saturday was spent rather lazily, with a nap, some work on the computer, and leftovers for dinner. Exciting, I know.

That brings us to the big day that was Sunday. Let me just say, SUPER BOWL HERE WE COME!!!

After a 6 mile recovery run in the morning, it was time to head out to my mom’s house to cheer on The Pack. In honor of such a momentous occasion I made this:

If you are thinking that this is a chocolate peanut butter banana cake with peanut butter frosting, you would be correct. chocolate.peanut butter.banana.cake.peanut butter.frosting. Oh.em.gee.

After suffering multiple heart attacks during the 4th quarter, we were able to celebrate a Packer victory!

Then it was time for dinner. A mighty delicious spread of lasagna (meat and veggie), 2 salads, homemade bread, and fruit.

I wish I had a picture of the inside of the cake to make you super-jealous, but the minute it was cut my piece got topped with ice cream and shoveled into my pie (cake?) hole. So good.

My Monday is off to a good start despite the fact that it is once again snowing and crappy outside. Dear Mother Nature, I hate you right now. Love, Laura

I got a good swim in this morning, and I might even think about doing some strength training after work today. Might.

How was your weekend?


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  1. The weekend did pass by so quick. That party looks like so much fun!! Girl, how do you run in that cold cold weather…you are my hero!! Great job:) THAT CAKE has me drooling and the lasagna…holy cow, I am dying over here. We will be at your superbowl party. Have a great day!